Women Gets a Sex Toy ‘Stuck’ Then Shares Awesome Selfies From Hospital After Getting It Removed


If you ever wondered about the importance of having a sense of humor, look no further than this young lady. A 24-year old teacher (We even know her name – Emma Phillips) from the U.K. made the best out of a bad situation when she was whisked off to the hospital for the most embarrassing of reasons.

She got a sex toy stuck inside her.

And it was in her butt.

So when she showed up to the hospital with the item in question still buzzing inside her, she knew that she wasn’t having the best day. (Though it presumably had been pretty fun earlier on!) She and her boyfriend had tried removing it with a fork(!) and barbecue tongs(!!!), but when the rescue attempts failed, they called in the pros and took an ambulance to the hospital.


The hospital staff was quick to put her at ease and remedy the situation.


Emma was assured by the staff that this sort of thing happens all that time, and as long as it’s addressed quickly it’s not that dangerous.

Emma, after parting ways with the item, made lemonade out of lemons and posted some pics online of her in this very vulnerable state. I guess she wasn’t worried about her status as a teacher being in jeopardy.


I guess the hospital had some fun with the procedure, too, as they offered her the vibrating item when it was all over as a sort of keepsake. I’m sure she’d rather forget the whole thing, but since that’s not an option, she might as well laugh, right?