The Worst Decorating Mistakes You’re Making in Your Master Bedroom

Out of all the rooms in your home, you really want to feel at ease and comfortable in the master bedroom. There are certain faux pas, however, that can leave your boudoir feeling anything but relaxing. Are you committing any of these bedroom decorating mistakes?

1. Open bathrooms

You’re probably better off putting up a door. | iStock/Getty Images

Open bathrooms have been gaining popularity in master bedroom design. Bathrooms with no walls or clear glass being the only barrier between the bathroom and bedroom area have been popping up here and there in recent years, especially in modern beach homes. Though this design gives the master bedroom that modern, open feel, it really eliminates the privacy factor. If you’re really drawn to this design, consider going with frosted glass or installing a curtain for when you’d like a little more privacy.

2. Sponge painting

DIY sponge painting

It was majorly popular pre-Pinterest. | Amazon

Dipping a sponge in paint and dabbing it on your walls is an easy way to add a little texture to your room, but it can look sloppy and cheap if not done exactly right and in the wrong color. Bob Vila says hues of brown, beige, and rust are colors that all shouldn’t be sponged on. “You can temper the unsightliness of a traditional sponge finish through a technique called subtractive paint sponging, in which paint is removed rather than applied,” says the site. “With a sea sponge, sponge off a lighter or darker paint glaze for a subtle effect of visual depth.”

3. A location that lacks privacy

You might want to avoid a bedroom that’s too close to the entryway. | iStock/Getty Images

Where the master bedroom is located in the house can play a big part in how you feel in your bedroom. According to Modern Line Furniture, “If your master bedroom is close to an entryway, you may want to scrap your design plans altogether and think about moving it to a more secluded area of the house for additional comfort.” You want to feel like you’re retreating to a private oasis, not a room that’s right in the middle of everything.

4. Bright colors

Red Bedroom

Choose a more relaxing color. | Archideaphoto/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Another decor faux pas that can mess with the vibe of your master bedroom is choosing a color that’s too bright or busy. Canadian Home Trends says homeowners should opt for calm, relaxing colors. “Choose soothing colors that will promote relaxation as opposed to bright colors,” they advise.

5.  A big bed

A king bed in a small space is overwhelming. | iStock/Getty Images

Nothing makes your master bedroom look and feel smaller than a far too big bed. “A king-sized bed placed in pint-sized dimensions not only diminishes walking space, but it also becomes the jarring focal point of your bedroom,” says Bob Vila. Instead of trying to get the biggest possible bed, focus on finding the comfiest bed that also fits your space. Fix your bed up with a fluffy, comfy comforter and pillows to give your bed a bigger feel without actually taking up space.  

6. Alternative bedside tables

bedroom in white color

Stick to traditional side tables unless you can pull them off. | JZhuk/iStock/Getty Images

Alternative bedside tables have been a growing trend as of late in the master bedroom. Things like old chairs or foot stools are taking the place of bedside tables. It can look eclectic and quirky in the right setting but feels mismatched and random when not done correctly. Though Uhozz likes the trend in the right room, they also say it’s not the most practical.

7. Not enough storage

ultra modern and contemporary bedroom

It looks great, but it isn’t practical. | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

Minimal, open bedrooms are very in style, but their big problem is that they often lack storage. Your closet shelving is probably not enough. If your master bedroom doesn’t come with very much storage, consider purchasing a hutch, night stands with drawers, and/or a bench with storage to go at the end of your bed.  

8. Perfection

bedroom interior with pillows and reading lamp

Make things feel cozy, not cold. | Kwanchai_Khammuean/iStock/Getty Images

“If your bedroom looks like it’s from a model home, it may also feel like a model home — cold and uninviting,” says Bob Vila. Hiring a designer or gaining inspiration from a magazine is great when it comes to decorating your master bedroom, but don’t forget to fill it with the things that make it yours. Put up family pictures, pick art that you actually like instead of what goes, and use your favorite rugs, blankets and pillows to make the room feel homey and comfortable.

9. Exercise equipment

Don’t muck up your bedroom with gym equipment. | iStock/Getty Images

Generally, it’s best to keep exercise equipment out of the bedroom. You want your master bedroom to be a place or relaxation. As Canadian Home Trends says, “Your bedroom is not a gym!” If you don’t really have another spot for your workout equipment, at least invest in a room divider or partition screen to keep the equipment out of sight when you’re not using it.

10. Concrete walls

Concrete wall in modern bedroom

Maybe try for something more classic. | RakicN/iStock/Getty Images

Concrete walls are a current master bedroom trend, but they probably won’t be for long. Though they give the room a clean, industrial vibe, concrete walls can also leave your room feeling cold and uninviting. Opt for something cozier and longer-lasting when designing the master bedroom of your dreams.

11. Disproportionate furniture

Canopy bed

Don’t be swindled into thinking bigger is always better. | LTuray/iStock/Getty Images

Often, when people go shopping for furniture in their master bedroom, they’re thinking big. They want grand dressers, floor-to-ceiling bedposts, big pieces of art, etc. But if you’re in a small, or even an average-sized room, that big furniture is going to look very disproportionate. So, be sure to take into account the size of your bedroom prior to going furniture shopping.

12. The wrong kind of light

Align your lighting with your style. | iStock/Getty Images

It’s important to match the light fixture to the type of light emitting from the fixture. It’s surprising how infrequently people consider this design element. “The clash of bold, ornate wall sconces with soft, subdued lighting, for example, detracts from the intended ambiance,” says Bob Vila. “Whether you select an old-world chandelier or contemporary LED lights, the style of your light fixtures should align with the mood conveyed through lighting.”

13. Too much furniture

Avoid cluttering up a small space. | iStock/Getty Images

Homify warns against putting too much furniture in your master bedroom. Besides a bed, dressers, night stands, and maybe a TV stand, you don’t need much else. “Try not to include too many pieces of furniture in a bedroom as this will impede movement and add a cluttered look to the decor,” they advise.

14. Surrealism

Colorful contemporary bedroom

Surrealist style is the next popcorn ceiling. | Archideaphoto/iStock/Gettu Images

Surrealism is another master bedroom trend that’s growing in popularity. It involves mixing different patterns, materials, and surprising furniture pieces. (You might recognize a surrealist bedroom by all the colorful, geometric tiles.) However, this is by no means a timeless design. In a few years from now, it’ll date your bedroom.

15. No greenery

White wall decoration with a picture frame, clock and plants

Pick a low maintenance plant to add some greenery. | Imnoom/iStock/Getty Images

A lot of people may think that house plants don’t belong in the master bedroom — that they’re too messy or high maintenance. However, Bob Vila disagrees: “Low-maintenance greenery adds interest, texture, and cheer, and definitely deserves a spot in your boudoir!”