These Are the Worst States to Visit on Your Next Vacation

The United States is a big place. That means travelers can pretty easily find the perfect destination, whether they’re looking for beaches or mountains, national parks or historic landmarks. However, some states make better vacation destinations than others. To figure out where you should go on your next vacation, we’d pay attention to WalletHub’s analysis of the worst states for road trips.

Below, check out the states where you’re most likely to break your budget or run out of things to see if you head there on vacation.

15. Wisconsin

Wisconsin Welcome sign at Marinette WI

Wisconsin is one of the worst states to visit on vacation. |

One of the worst states where you can travel on a road trip, according to WalletHub? Wisconsin. The state scores pretty well for safety, but WalletHub reports that it’s relatively expensive to visit. And while you’re there, you might run out of attractions to see and activities to try. A drive through Wisconsin probably won’t be particularly pretty, either. WalletHub reports that Wisconsin is one of the states with the fewest scenic byways for road-trippers to enjoy.

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14. Oklahoma

Oklahoma city

Oklahoma isn’t the most exciting state for tourists, either. |

WalletHub ranks Oklahoma as one of the cheapest states to travel to. But that doesn’t save it from scoring pretty close to the bottom on both safety and activities. The midwestern state also has the dubious honor of being among the states with the lowest percentage of designated national parkland. In fact, the state used to have just one national park, but even that no longer exists thanks to a name change in the 1970s.

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13. Massachusetts

Visitors along the waterfront at Salem Maritime National Historic Site in Salem

You may want to vacation somewhere other than Massachusetts. |

Massachusetts is a popular destination for people who live in New England and the mid-Atlantic. However, WalletHub doesn’t particularly recommend the state as a vacation destination. In fact, Massachusetts ranks as one of the most expensive states for road-trippers. So while you can take advantage of plenty of activities and attractions, you may have a hard time fitting everything you want to do into your budget. Travelers who love camping should also steer clear, since WalletHub reports that Massachusetts is one of the most expensive states to go camping.

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12. Alabama

Welcome to Alabama road sign on US-84 near Gordon

Alabama may disappoint if you want an exciting vacation. |

WalletHub reports that Alabama is a pretty wallet-friendly state to choose as a vacation destination. However, it ranks as one of the worst states for road trippers due to the dearth of activities and attractions available to travelers who visit the state. Although, WalletHub noted that Alabama is one state that offers travelers some of the lowest prices on camping. However, it probably says something that the best tourist attraction Business Insider could find in Alabama is a golf course — not exactly the family-friendly attraction you’d hope to see on vacation.

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11. Hawaii

beatiful sandy beach in Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii takes the cake as the most expensive state for tourists. |

WalletHub also recommends that road-trippers avoid Hawaii, which, understandably, is the most expensive state to choose as a vacation destination. After all, you can’t exactly drive there easily from another state.

Surprisingly enough, WalletHub reports that Hawaii also numbers among the states with the fewest scenic byways. So planning a road trip around one of the islands may not be quite as exciting as you’d assume.

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10. Montana

Montana, USA

Surprisingly, the large state of Montana doesn’t have that much to offer tourists. |

Montana makes an affordable vacation destination, according to WalletHub. But if you go to this western state hoping to find lots of activities and attractions, you may end up disappointed. Of course, many people make the pilgrimage to this expansive state to see Yellowstone National Park, where you can spot numerous kinds of wildlife, check out dramatic landscapes, and see geysers. The park is amazing, by all accounts. Just don’t expect Montana to offer you much else in the way of attractions on your way there.

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9. New Jersey

Early morning along the Oceanfont

You might want to reconsider that vacation to New Jersey. |

New Jersey scores pretty well on safety. However, that’s the end of the good news for the Garden State, according to WalletHub’s analysis. You can expect to pay a pretty penny to vacation in this state. And you won’t be able to enjoy nearly as many activities and attractions as you’d find in other states. The New Jersey coast has plenty of beaches, of course. But there’s a reason why the “Jersey shore” has become as notorious as it has.

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8. Kansas

The Indian Scout is known as a Kansas City landmark

Kansas won’t offer you the most interesting vacation. |

A vacation to Kansas probably won’t break the bank, but you may not return home with that many great memories either. That’s because WalletHub reports that the state comes up wanting on attractions and activities for tourists. It part, it could be because the state is in the bottom five for how much national parkland it has. Plus, Kansas is known for its tornadoes — not exactly the weather you look forward to when you go on vacation.

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7. Arkansas

A welcome sign marks the state line between Arkansas and Oklahoma

Arkansas is one of the worst states to choose as a vacation destination. |

WalletHub characterizes Arkansas as another budget-friendly choice for a vacation destination. However, the state got some pretty abysmal scores related to its safety and the diversity of its attractions. Business Insider chose an American art museum as the best tourist attraction in the state. We love museum-going as much as anyone, but you can’t spend an entire vacation at a museum.

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6. Delaware

Wilmington Delaware skyline along the Riverfront at night

You may want to reconsider a trip to Delaware. |

WalletHub reports that Delaware isn’t nearly as expensive of a vacation destination as some other states in its region of the country. However, we still wouldn’t recommend choosing it for your next road trip. The state landed in the bottom five for its number and diversity of attractions and activities. It also has few scenic byways, which can be a deal-breaker for travelers hoping for gorgeous drives and pretty views. However, most people who travel to Delaware go to the state to see Rehoboth Beach.

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5. North Dakota

Downtown Fargo city in North Dakota

Do your research before vacationing in North Dakota. |

Another state where you might find yourself bored just a day or two into your vacation? North Dakota. WalletHub gives this midwestern state mediocre scores for cost and safety. However, the publication wasn’t impressed at all by the number of attractions and activities for tourists. The most exciting things to do in North Dakota include visiting the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and stopping by the state capitol building and grounds. You may need to just tolerate some long and boring drives along the way.

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4. Pennsylvania

Welcome to Pennsylvania road sign

It turns out that Pennsylvania isn’t a great vacation destination. |

Pennsylvania also numbers among the worst states to choose as a vacation destination. The state proves very expensive to visit, according to WalletHub. Though there’s a respectable number of attractions available to tourists, the state earned a pretty poor score for safety. You’ll find plenty of things to do in major cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. But those places are a lot more dangerous than some of the slower-paced regions of the state, like Pennsylvania’s famous Amish country.

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3. Mississippi

Curving road along the Mississippi River near Brainerd

Next up? Mississippi is the third worst state to visit on vacation. |

Mississippi lands in the top three of the worst states to choose as a vacation destination (not exactly a distinction to be proud of). WalletHub reports that this state is incredibly affordable to visit. Nonetheless, the positives end there. The state earned some of the worst scores possible for both safety and for the attractions and activities tourists can enjoy. (At least you can visit the Gulf Islands National Seashore.) Fortunately, WalletHub did like that Mississippi has some of the lowest average gas prices. If nothing else, you can fuel up and get out quickly when you get bored.

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2. Rhode Island

Harbor View of Providence Rhode Island

In second place among the worst states for tourists, you’ll find Rhode Island. |

Rhode Island takes second place among the worst states to choose as a vacation destination. The New England state numbers among the most expensive states for travelers to visit. While it enjoys a pretty stellar safety score, the WalletHub team was very unimpressed by the state’s selection of activities and attractions for visitors. They also disliked that the state makes it very expensive for travelers to go camping and that this tiny state has a low proportion of national parkland.

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1. Connecticut

Seaside Park in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Connecticut is the very worst state to visit on vacation. |

The very worst state to choose as a road trip destination? Connecticut. WalletHub warns that this state is one of the most expensive for travelers to visit. The publication also assigned this state the very worst score for its selection of tourist attractions and activities for travelers.

Though you’ll definitely find a few beautiful attractions, getting there likely won’t be pretty. WalletHub says that Connecticut has few scenic byways, which means the view out your window probably won’t be the that great. Fortunately, there’s at least one place in the state where you’ll have great views: the New Haven campus of Yale University, one of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States.

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