You Can Live With the British Royal Family in Buckingham Palace, but There’s a Catch

If living like a queen or king sounds like a pipe dream, think again. There’s no need to be a royal to live like one. Why? Because the British royal family is hiring. And their staff members pretty much live in Buckingham Palace. Learn all the details, ahead.

Spend lots of time at royal properties

Buckingham Palace

You’ll spend a lot of time in the palace. | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Although the positions don’t technically include a room in Buckingham Palace, staff members do spend a lot of time there. One summer position requires a minimum of 300 hours of work, according to The Royal Household. Hours are spread out between June and September.

Hint: Staff will feel as if they live at the palace.

Basically live at the palace in the summer

buckingham palace during the trooping of the colours

Seasonal employees will be there all the time. | Chris J. Ratcliffe/AFP/Getty Images

The only way to live at Buckingham Palace without being a member of the royal family is — there isn’t a way. Seasonal employees are hired to manage peak tourist season and work in the palace. So they’ll almost feel like they’re living there with all the hours spent working. Not to mention, royal fever will be running high on the heels of Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry.

Hint: Apply for a variety of jobs.

Available jobs

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is also hiring. | mspoli/iStock/Getty Images

Secure a position in retail, ticket sales, or visitor services at Buckingham Palace. Positions are also available at Windsor Castle. Some jobs are only seasonal, while others last a year or longer.

Hint: Maybe even the see the queen.

Royal sightings

Queen Elizabeth II Visits Frankfurt am Main

Where else could you just casually run into the queen? | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Working in Buckingham Palace is, without a doubt, unlike any other job. A glimpse of Queen Elizabeth or Prince Harry wouldn’t normally happen at another job. But with a job in Buckingham Palace, regular royal sightings might happen. And employees might get to tour the palace in their off time or maybe even as part of training.

Hint: Learn how the palace handles tourist season.

Go behind the scenes

Buckingham palace dining room

You’ll get the inside scoop. | Shaun Curry/AFP/Getty Images

Get an insider’s look at how Buckingham Palace conducts summer tours. And learn the ins and outs of touring the palace. For instance, find out the best time to visit and which entrance has the shortest line. Simply working for the royal family and living in London will be an experience in itself.

Hint: See all the royal properties.

See the sights

London, Traffic on the Westminster bridge

Play tourist on your days off. | johnkellerman/iStock/Getty Images

While working in London, explore all the city has to offer. Take advantage of spending months across the pond by experiencing the city at every opportunity. Get around using the tube, walking, or riding a bike. And don’t forget to visit the other royal properties offering tours.

Hint: The experience will be beneficial in many ways.  

Gain experience

(L-R) Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince George of Cambridge, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (R) watch the fly-past from the balcony of Buckingham Palace following the Trooping The Colour ceremony on June 13, 2015 in London, England. The ceremony is Queen Elizabeth II's annual birthday parade and dates back to the time of Charles II in the 17th Century, when the Colours of a regiment were used as a rallying point in battle. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

It’s definitely a talking point. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

If working for the royal family isn’t all tea and biscuits all the time, the experience would improve anyone’s resume. It would be a major talking point and memorable fact in any job interview. Traveling around England would provide great life experience, too. So don’t wait; get your application filled out to work with the royal family.

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