Black Panther Is Among These Awesome New Funkos

If you follow the toy world or have stepped foot in a toy store over the past few years, you know Funko is everywhere. Fans of all ages collect the adorable Funko Pop figurines, and the company has expanded into accessories, plush toys, and even Pez containers. At the New York City Toy Fair 2018, Funko showed off some of its newest and most exciting designs. We found the coolest ones for you to add to your wish list. You will not believe the last pocket-sized additions.

Black Panther now lives as a Pop

funko black panther

The hot new movie now exists as a Pop. | Lizz Schumer/The Cheat Sheet

Black Panther broke box office records during its opening weekend. The first Marvel film directed by an African American person brought in an estimated $192 million for its three-day debut, according to CNN. That makes it the fifth biggest opening of all time. Fans can also get a Funko Pop of their favorite character, to bring the experience home.

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Bring Star Wars home in Pop form

pop star wars bobbleheads

These bobbleheads would look awesome on your desk. | Lizz Schumer/The Cheat Sheet

If you need to perk up your workspace, Funko Pop can help with that. The company recently released a new line of bobbleheads, and Star Wars characters have joined the lineup. You know your desk needs a bobble Porg.

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You watched the cartoon. Now get the toys

nickelodeon pop characters

If you loved Nickelodeon as a kid, you will recognize these figurines. | Lizz Schumer/The Cheat Sheet

Babies of the late ’80s and ’90s will remember your friends from Nickelodeon favorites. From Rugrats to the Wild Thornberry crew, to Ren and Stimpy, and Rocko’s Modern Life, the gang’s all here. These little vinyl dudes will bring you back to the good ol’ days.

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Pop Games will cue the nostalgia

sonic the hedgehog funko pops

Gamers unite! These will show off your favorite characters. | Lizz Schumer/The Cheat Sheet

So many of us spent our tween and teenage years gathered around the Sega to watch Sonic the Hedgehog do his thing. If that sounds like you, the Pop Game funkos belong in your collection. If you loved the comics, you should know a new series will hit shelves starting in April.

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Rock and roll all night with Pop Rocks

musician funko pops

For those about to rock, there’s a Funko for that. | Lizz Schumer/The Cheat Sheet

If you thought Funko Pops only covered TV, movie, and video game nerd kingdoms, take heart. The Funko Pop Rocks segment features models of your favorite music stars. Grab an Ed Sheeran, Billy Joel, or even Weird Al Yankovitch. We dare you not to hum their hit singles while picking up these bad boys.

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Take a bite out of these Ninja Turtle Funkos 8-Bit

ninja turtles funko pop

Get your turtle power on with these Funko Pops. | Lizz Schumer/The Cheat Sheet

With a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie on the way, the time is right for some turtles on the half shell. These Funko Pop 8-Bit figurines take us back to old-school animation and our favorite Saturday morning cartoons all in one package.

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Pez lets you carry your fan favorites around with you

funko pez dispensers

Remember Pez? Taste the nostalgia with these. | Lizz Schumer/The Cheat Sheet

If you love Funko Pop figurines, you will go bananas for the new Funko Pop Pez dispensers. With a partnership between Pop and Pez, the new line will include many of your favorite brands. Yes, that includes DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and so many more. You can get a hit of candy sweetness while proudly proclaiming your allegiance.

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