You Won’t Believe All the Creative Ways People Have Come Up With to Eat Marijuana

As more and more states begin to legalize marijuana, cannabis companies are getting creative with their products, especially edibles. Once limited to the questionable brownies your friend handed you at a music festival or something you need a prescription for, in nine states and counting, edible products are now a big business.

Now that some of the worst lies about marijuana are being exposed, more adults are indulging, especially now that edibles are more regulated. These creative edibles take the cannabis industry to new heights.

Pot Chips

LOL edibles pot chips
They come in several flavors. | Bud Man

Do these seem like trouble, or what? LOL Edibles has several infused products, and if you prefer a savory snack, their Pot Chips will satisfy your salt cravings.

Each bag of chips is labeled with the exact strain used. You can also choose between chili cheese, crunchy Cheetos, hot Cheetos, and extra hot Cheetos. Just proceed with caution — there is 300 mg of THC per bag, and it’s hard to guess the exact dose per chip.

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Marijuana Suckers
The cost varies on the dose. |

It doesn’t get more convenient than this. Marijuana lollipops have been used medicinally for years, and now you can get them legally in some states like California. The cost varies depending on how much THC is in the sucker, but they average about $15 for a 3-pack.

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Legal cannabis tonic
It’ll quench your thirst at the same time. | Mirth Provisions

Not only is this sparkling tonic tasty, it’s healthy, containing all natural ingredients … oh, and it’s infused with marijuana. Legal is made in Washington and sold in several states.

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Voodoo Sour Straws

Voodoo marijuana sour straws
Snack carefully. | Zen Brands

Zen Brands sells these tasty sour straws, which come coated with sugar and infused with THC. Each bag has 375 mg, so make sure you snack slowly.

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Marijuana lemonade

G Fama labs marijuana lemonade
They come in different concentrations and flavors. | GFarmaLabs

Need some relaxing refreshment on a warm summer day? Cannabis infused lemonade could be just what the doctor ordered. Just pay attention to the labels and stop sipping when you’ve had enough.

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Pot cereal

Marijuana cereal
These are not for kids though. | Bud Man

Your favorite childhood cereal may now be available as an edible. With flavors like Frooty Loops, Cap’n Munch, and Chronic Toast Crunch, these cereals taste as good as they sound — and they’re very effective.

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Slactavis syrup

Slactavis marijuana syrup
You can add it to any beverage. | Hella Pax

If you need to consume your cannabis discreetly, Slactavis syrup will save the day. You can pour it into any beverage, although soda is recommended. Not only will it keep you medicated without exposing you, you’ll know exactly how much you’re getting since the bottle makes it easy to measure out doses.

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