You Won’t Believe the Heartwarming Ways These Disney Vacations Changed Lives

Everyone knows that a Disney vacation is supposed to be magical — after all, the company trademarked the slogan “The Happiest Place on Earth.” And in some cases, a trip to a Disney park is actually life-changing. Although spending time at the park isn’t cheap, it can be downright inspiring.

How a Disney vacation can change your life

Disney is the most magical placed on earth. | Mariah Wild/Disney Parks via Getty Images

We all know someone who is obsessed with all things Disney. But once you visit one of the parks for yourself, you’ll probably see why. Typically people return from their Disney vacation happy and content, with at least one story of a character or cast member going out of their way to make them feel special.

When people are generous with you, you probably feel like being generous to others. Perhaps that’s what inspired this life-changing story.

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The t-shirt

Disney kidney transplant
It was an idea out of desperation. | Roco Sand via Facebook

Last August, 60-year-old Rob Leibowitz took his five children to Disney World for nine days. And for those nine days, he wore the same t-shirt. It read “In Need of a Kidney. O Positive” followed by Leibowitz’s number. Leibowitz had a chronic kidney disease, and without a transplant, he could die.

“You know I came up with the idea because I think it’s out of desperation. I look at my kids. When I’m with my kids all my problems go away. And I needed more time with them,” Leibowitz said.

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The shirt goes viral

Kidney shirt family disney
He got calls from strangers across the country. | Robert Leibowitz via Facebook

While Leibowitz was walking around the park with his kids, Rocio Sandoval noticed his shirt and asked if she could take a picture of it. She posted the picture on Facebook, promptly getting 30,000 shares in 24 hours. Liebowitz got calls from strangers from across the country, finally finding a match in Richie Sully from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sully left Liebowitz and told him that he had O Positive blood and an extra kidney.

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The life-saving transplant

Richie Sully Kidney transplant
He received the life saving transplant. | Richie Sully via Facebook

This story has a happy ending: Liebowitz just successfully received a kidney transplant from Sully. Better yet, the two men have already become good friends — Sully is also a single father of two girls. And none of it would ever have happened without the trip to Disney World.

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Technically, this couple “met” at Disney

Husband wife disney photo
Alex’s father was in the background. | Voutsinas Family

Alex and Donna Voutsinas came from different countries, meeting at work and falling in love. And while they always felt they were destined to be together, it was a photo from a vacation at Disney World that made them see their paths had crossed much earlier. Days before their wedding, Alex was looking through his fiancee’s old photo album when he spotted a family photo taken at Disney World 20 year before … and promptly saw his father in the background, pushing him in a stroller.

It seems the couple had taken their first “vacation” together when they were young children, and at the Happiest Place on Earth, nonetheless.

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These contest winners had a happily ever after

Disney Proposal
It was truly a fairy tale moment. | Disney via Youtube

In 2015, Mark entered an “Ultimate Disney Proposal Contest” — and he won. The Disney team helped him orchestrate the perfect proposal, incorporating elements of his bride-to-be’s favorite movie, Cinderella. Crystal, the fiancee, wore a Cinderella gown, and Mark presented the ring in a glass slipper.

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Feeling inspired?

Disney is as good of a place for a magical moment as any. | Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images

No one can ever predict when they’ll have a life-changing experience, but there are definitely things you can do to make the most of your Disney vacation. The FastPass system, making the most of your line time (Read up on “Ride Switch,”), and checking out the amazing resorts will enhance the quality of your time and open you up to endless possibilities.

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