You Won’t Believe the Insane Things People Ask Their Lyft Drivers to Do

If you’ve ever used ride-hailing apps like Lyft or Uber, you know how convenient they can be. The drivers who work for those services have some pretty interesting experiences, however. A few of them took to social media to tell their good, bad, ugly, and funniest stories. Here are the best ones we could find.

1. Jesus, take the wheel

Jesus Christ wooden cross on a dramatic, colorful sunset

Some drivers make their rides a religious experience. This passenger DIYed it. | marydan15/iStock/Getty Images

Whatever your religious preference or lack thereof, hardly anyone likes getting preached to. But Totiredtopoop’s rider did not proselytize. She just gave herself a mini service in the backseat. “She proceeded to watch a New Years Eve gospel prayer concert, on her phone, with the volume all the way up,” the driver reported. “She sang, danced, prayed, and hallelujah-ed for 30 minutes. By far the best and worst Lyft experience I have had.”

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2. UberEats exists for a reason, mister

This photo shows LSD blotter tabs on top of a US quarter coin

A request from your drivers: Don’t drug and ride. | Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Reddit user AimlessPeacock had a clearly intoxicated passenger ask her to drive to a nearby gas station for some supplies. When they got there, he asked her to go get the goods, handing her $300. She agreed, since a good tip waited on the other side. The driver picked up a bottle of wine, a four-pack of cider, a bag of popcorn, Ben & Jerry’s, and a pack of cigarettes.

“When I get back to the car, he’s sprawled out in the back seat staring at the ceiling,” she said.”He then tells me that he couldn’t go inside the gas station because he took ten hits of LSD and ‘couldn’t face other people.’”

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3. Your sister has a point there

Drunk guys at a bar

This guy really made an impression on his driver. | Polka Dot Images/iStock/Getty Images

Driver Buckus69 picked up a drunk man to drive him to a fast food restaurant across the street. Once he got in the car, things started heading downhill.”He starts yelling (and cussing) because it’s taking too long for him. Then he tells me to bump the car in front because it’s taking so long. Then after that, on the way to his house, he tells me his sister called him and said he’s a piece of s***t,” the driver said. “I’m just silently thinking to myself that from where I’m sitting, I kind of agree.”

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4. You want me to wait how long?


When grocery shopping, make sure your drivers OK it ahead of time. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When a woman asked them to stop at Safeway before her house, Famouslikeuranus initially agreed. But as they pulled up, the passenger said she, “shouldn’t be more than half an hour or so.” “I laughed because I thought she was joking and gave my usual spiel about giving her five minutes before I’d end the ride,” the driver explained. The passenger did not react well. She became outraged and told the driver that she would report them to Lyft for driving while intoxicated — an immediate de-activation.

Famouslikeuranus let the passenger get inside the store before calling Lyft to explain. “Got off the phone, ended the ride and one-starred her so I won’t be matched with her again.” Good choice.

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5. Fear of needles? You might want to skip this one

Needle syringe and medical stethoscope

When drivers say they’re afraid of needles, believe them. They’ve got your life in their hands. |

MeltingDog has a fear of needles. When they get a blood test, they have to sit down and they once even fainted during a needle scene in a movie. So what happened next was fated to go badly. “A guy I picked up was a student nurse,” they reported. “He started happily talking about his day, which included a very graphic and detailed description.” The driver started feeling woozy and asked him to stop, but the passenger persisted. They got so nauseous, they had to pull over.

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6. Have it your way, for a price

McDonalds' Angus burger

Some drivers will happily go through the drive-thru. Others will not. | Jamie Rector/Getty Images

Reddit user MeltingDog also drove a man home on New Year’s Eve during surge pricing, when the prices already rose to 5.5 times the usual rate. The passenger asked them to go through a McDonald’s drive-through on the way home. “His trip was already a 30 minute drive and this added at least another five,” the driver said. “[He] ended up paying $280.” No burger tastes that good.

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7. Sometimes, you’d rather not be saved

Closeup Woman praying with rosary to God

This rider’s response sounds pretty perfect. | kzenon/iStock/Getty Images

Speaking from a passenger perspective, Screennameoutoforder had a religious experience she would have preferred to skip. “The driver talked about how she found Jesus until I wished she would misplace him again,” she reported. While a good conversation can make a ride go by faster, sometimes the radio makes a better choice.

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8. At least they didn’t drink and drive

a group of people clinking beer bottles together

This driver saved the day. | Kzenon/iStock/Getty Images

Reddit user P4lm3r rented a house on top of a mountain for Thanksgiving, thinking they brought enough provisions. Part of the way through the weekend, they discovered they ran out of beer and ice. “Knowing that none of us needed to be driving mountain roads in our current state, we were desperate,” the user reported. After a driver responded to their request, they happily obliged. “Dude was a hero. It is a hell of a drive up the mountain, and he did it like a champ,” they said. Don’t worry, the driver got a handsome tip out of the deal.

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9. When you gotta go, you gotta go

baby pulling toilet paper

Let’s hope the kid just went to the potty and didn’t do this. |

This rider’s kid found herself in a tough spot during a recent trip. Vlassicpark said that halfway through the ride, “my kid decided halfway to the destination she needed the bathroom ASAP. Guy knew exactly where to go.” They chatted in the parking lot while the kid did their business, and the rider tipped the driver $10 for any possible missed fares. That’s how you handle unexpected detours.

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10. At least the guy tipped well

a smirnoff bottling facility

This gentleman just wanted a bottle. Drivers have gotten calls for weirder. | Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Smirnoff

It seems a lot of people use ride-hailing apps as delivery services after a number of drinks. Redditor Famouslikeuranus said a drunk Russian man waited for them in their yard, very intoxicated one day. “Dude handed me a $20 and asked for me to go buy him a $16-ish bottle of Smirnoff at the liquor store a block away,” they explained. The customer said he “had to watch the house,” but promised a double tip if they ran the errand. “Bought the bottle and came back, handed him the bottle and his change. He looked at the money, confused for a second, and shakes his head says, “No you keep the change” and hands me another $20.”

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11. How much do you pay a driver to also act as a therapist?


If your drivers make you laugh this hard, tip them! |

SpectralSheep said that a passenger once asked if they could cheer up a friend because a family member had just died. While that request sounds OK, what happened next does not. “[The passenger] told me she’d give me a huge tip if I did,” the driver explained. “I had the sad passenger laughing within five minutes of the ride. I got tipped $2.”

Next: This rider should really learn not to make promises he can’t keep.

12. Check your wallet before you make this request

a ferry with cars in front of it

If you can’t afford the ride, don’t ask a car to take you there. | Ron Wurzer/Getty Images

For AimlessPeacock, this ride really did not work out in their favor. “It was late at night, like 2:30 a.m. I pick up this dude and he wants to go like 45 minutes out of town to a ferry that’s open 24/7,” the driver explained. “I told him I’d rather not go, because that means I’m getting home no earlier than like 4 a.m. He says he’ll make it worth my while” The driver agreed, but when they made it to the ferry, the passenger realized he did not enough money for the ferry. The driver ended up loaning him a dollar. Surprise surprise: no tip.

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13. I’ll take inappropriate requests for 300, Alex

The Uber app shown as cars drive by

Be careful when choosing drivers — or riders. | Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images

Driver Citrous_Oyster did not take up his most unique rider on any of his requests. First, he asked the driver if he could perform oral sex as a tip. “I told him I wasn’t in the mood,” Citrous_Oyster said. The rider then asked if he could buy the driver’s urine. He also took a hard pass on that. Finally, he told the driver to turn into a ditch. When Citrous_Oyster explained why that was a bad idea, he answered, “Oh, never mind.” Never mind, indeed.

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14. When a passenger does this, don’t accept the ride

skates inside a red duffle bag

We will never know what lay inside that duffle bag, but it probably wasn’t skates. | Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Reddit user Chubbyninjah heard a story from a ride-hailing driver he will never forget. “He picked a guy up downtown in a major city at a super nice hotel and the guy got in with a duffle bag. The guy said, ‘Aw, thanks man, five people have rejected me already.’” The driver should have stopped there, but the guy got in the car and directed him to a rough part of town. When they arrived, he grabbed the duffle bag and made a chilling request. “You are gonna drop me off up here and when you do, drive and don’t stop for signs or lights. Just get back to the highway.” Understandably, the driver followed his instructions. He never found out what the bag contained.

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15. Halloween can get messy, but this tops them all

donald trump's face in white shirt, red tie

When you try to grab drivers by the you-know-what, there are consequences.. | Mario Tama/Getty Images

For user 126270, Halloween turned out especially scary. One of her fares got in dressed as Donald Trump and asked if they could grab the driver by the p***y. “Problem is, they were so drunk, they started climbing over the seat attempting to perform said grab,” the driver reported. They slammed on the brakes and the rider flew into the front seat, hit his head on the steering wheel, which ricocheted back into the driver’s own face. “I have cracked teeth, he is now face in my [chest], but passed out from the blow to my chin,” the driver said. They pulled over and got out of the car, calling the police in the process. To date, the driver is still trying to get “Trump” to pay for dental bills.

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