You Won’t Believe These Surprising Facts About the Most Popular Super Bowl Foods

snacks at football party

Is it even the Super Bowl without a delicious food spread? | arinahabich/iStock/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is synonymous with the halftime show, commercials, and the wide world of football-related snacks. Preparing plenty of party snacks is a given at any Super Bowl party. With the big game fast approaching, check out some of the most popular foods served during the Super Bowl.

Food is king

Super Bowl Sunday is the “second largest food consumption day,” according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Super Bowl comes in second after Thanksgiving. More than 48 million Americans will order takeout during the Super Bowl, the National Restaurant Association said. These facts drive home the point that the Super Bowl is all about food.

Hint: Chicken wings are one of the most popular Super Bowl snacks.

Chicken wings

Closeup of Hot Chicken Wings

People eat more than a billion wings during Super Bowl weekend. |

Wings are king, according to the National Chicken Council. This year, 1.35 billion chicken wings will be consumed during Super Bowl weekend. That’s enough chicken wings to circle the Earth three times. The projected estimate would make 2018 the record holder for most wings eaten during the Super Bowl.

Hint: This dressing is wildly popular.


Barbecue Chicken Wings

More than half of Americans prefer ranch with their wings. |

What goes better with chicken wings than ranch? Nothing, Super Bowl fans say. More than half of American adults — 57 percent — prefer to dip chicken wings in ranch, according to the a National Chicken Council poll. The no. 2 spot is a tie between buffalo dipping sauce and hot sauce.

Hint: Americans love pizza during the Super Bowl.


Delivery pizza

Pizza delivery workers will be busy during the game. | Anastasiia Kuznetcova/iStock/Getty Images

Another Super Bowl food favorite is pizza. Super Bowl Sunday must be like Black Friday for pizza delivery. As of 2017, Americans buy 12.5 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday, Forbes said. We can only assume the number will increase in 2018. For those want to make their own pizza, try one of these recipes.

Hint: This drink is a must-have Super Bowl item.


Inclined Glass of beer

Americans will drink millions of gallons of beer during the Super Bowl. | photologica/iStock/Getty Images

Who could forget about beer at a Super Bowl party? Anheuser Busch features their Clydesdale horses in an ad promoting their product during the Super Bowl. Americans drink 325.5 million gallons of beer during the Super Bowl, according to Mashable.

Hint: This fruit is in high demand during the Super Bowl.


mexican guacamole

It’s a crowd-pleasing dip. |

120 million pounds are avocados are eaten during the Super Bowl, according to Mashable. We’re guessing avocados are used to make guacamole. If there’s one thing we know for sure, Americans love avocados. And, guacamole is a great dip for the Super Bowl snack on the next page.

Hint: This easy-to-make snack is present at many Super Bowl parties.

Nachos and cheese

They’re a party snack staple. |

Nachos are a Super Bowl party staple. Whether they be classic nachos with plain cheese or nacho chips piled high with toppings. The salty crunch of a chip covered in melted cheese is irresistible on game day. Customers consume 150 pounds of cheese over the course of Super Bowl weekend, a New York City bar owner told Forbes.

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