You’ll Never Believe How Normal Ivanka Trump’s Starbucks Order Is

A casual Starbucks trip is the norm for over 37 million Americans every year, and of course, celebrities enjoy its tasty creations too. But strutting into one of the Seattle-based coffee shops isn’t just a walk in the park when your level of fame has reached that of Ivanka Trump’s. At this point, everyone is watching her every move.

According to EatThisNotThat, the first daughter’s coffee order certainly feels far more normal than the rest of her life, and you’ll never believe what it is.

1. She orders her Starbucks under the name ‘Iva’

barista at Starbucks uses a market to label a drink

She makes it easier for the baristas to get it right. | Dan R. Krauss/Getty Images

Simplifying the name you provide to Starbucks is a smart decision, even if you aren’t a celebrity. But in Ivanka Trump’s case, avoiding too much attention is probably her ultimate goal. When asked the name associated with her order, she said “Iva,” which should be reasonably simple for the Starbucks staff to not slaughter. Nevertheless, one can’t help but wonder if this is a nickname her closest comrades and family call her as well.

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2. Her go-to location is Dupont North in D.C.


Luckily for Ivanka, she didn’t have to give up her Starbucks coffee when she moved to D.C. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

With 1.81 Starbucks for every 10,000 people in Washington, D.C., Trump could be procuring her go-to morning bevy practically anywhere. But fear not, her exact Starbucks locale was none other than Dupont North on Connecticut Avenue NW. If you plan to post up and keep a lookout for her, be sure not to get turned around and end up at the Dupont South or Dupont Circle locations, which are all in very close proximity to one another.

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3. Her order of choice is a non-fat vanilla latte, no whip

Ivanka likes some flavor in her coffee. | Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

When Trump placed her order at the Starbucks counter, one observant customer Ellie Hall took notice. Despite eavesdropping on the First Daughter’s order, Hall was able to report to the nation exactly how Trump takes her coffee. Her order of a non-fat vanilla latte without whipped cream was surprisingly normal.

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4. Even though whip doesn’t come on a regular latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte Starbucks

Ivanka avoids the extra calories from whipped cream. | Starbucks

Let’s get down to brass tax here. Has anyone ever ordered a regular latte that comes standard with whipped cream? It’s not likely. However, keeping a svelte and fit frame lends itself to avoiding whipped cream on one’s daily morning cup of Joe. And for Trump, constant public attention is a presumable motivator to go sans whip.

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5. She is sending a message of relatability

Starbucks coffee shop

Many people visit the chain daily. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Daily visits to Starbucks is an extremely normal activity for most Americans, but a little out of ordinary for a First Daughter like Trump. After all, isn’t this partly why celebrities have assistants? The notion that Trump wants to be another normal American is a sweet sentiment but not probable. Instead, her visit to Starbucks is more about showing the nation that she is just like us. It’s all about politics.

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6. Ivanka also loves a tall, non-fat raspberry white mocha latte

Ivanka Trump with Starbucks coffee

Ivanka has a specialty drink, just for her. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

The non-fat vanilla latte with no whip isn’t Trump’s only Starbucks beverage of choice. She also loves a concoction made especially for her by the Starbucks crew at Trump Tower in NYC. It’s a “tall, non-fat raspberry white mocha latte.” She also raves about how much love she has for Starbucks.

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7. Her other breakfast go-to

She starts her day with a healthy breakfast. | Laura Laporta/iStock/Getty Images

One can only run on coffee for so long, and Trump is well-aware of the value that comes with a solid breakfast. Besides her morning latte tradition, she typically starts her morning with Greek yogurt and berries or a “fancy oatmeal.” What constitutes fancy oatmeal? According to Trump, it’s a combination of oats, chia seeds, berries, goji berries, flax, nuts, seeds, and cinnamon.

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