You’ll Never Believe What You Have to Do to Drink Your Tea Like Queen Elizabeth II

Drinking tea is a lot more complicated when you’re the queen. Read on to find out how Queen Elizabeth II likes her tea — and the rules she follows at tea time. And learn the proper way to eat a scone (page 8).

1. Breakfast tea

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge laughs as Britain's Queen Elizabeth II gestures as they watch part of a children's sports event

She likes her morning tea black. | Phil Noble/AFP/Getty Images

Let’s start with the most important meal of the day. For breakfast, the queen enjoys some fresh fruit along with a bowl of cereal. (We hear she’s partial to Special K.) As for her tea, she starts the day with a cup of Earl Grey sans milk and sugar. She drinks her breakfast tea in bone china along with a few biscuits (that’s cookies to us Americans), according to Today.

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