You’ll Never Guess Which Interior Design Style Is the Most Popular in Your State

If you follow design blogs or watch a lot of HGTV, then it may seem like everyone has the same style. Barn doors, white walls, wood floors — the same thing over and over can get a little stale. But you may be surprised to discover some design styles are more popular in your home state than others.

The custom furniture company Joybird recently conducted a study to see which design terms had the most searches in each state. Ready to see which is the most popular trend in your area? The results may surprise you, including the most popular overall search term in the country (page 6). Spoiler alert: It’s not shiplap.

1. Bohemian

Bohemian or boho style decor

Boho style decor | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, West Virginia

The second most popular search term in the nation is almost as surprising as the most popular. (We’ll get to that one soon.) Bohemian led the search results in Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, and West Virginia.

Looking to create a boho chic paradise in your home? Then, forget crisp whites and neutrals. Bohemian is all about incorporating patterned, colorful accessories, and furniture from around the world. The look is eclectic, and no two rooms look exactly alike — that’s the whole point. Metallics, jewel tones, and layered patterns and textures work well.

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2. Traditional

Brown walls in living room

A traditional room | LTuray/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: Arizona, Hawaii, Kentucky

Traditional furniture has roots in 18th century England. The colors are warm and inviting, with tones of peach and green accented by bronze, warm wood, and a few tiny florals. You know those tailored window treatments with swags, panels over the windows, and tasseled cords? That’s all traditional. Gilded frames, oil paintings, silk flower arrangements, and ornate candlesticks all figure prominently.

Residents of Arizona, Hawaii, and Kentucky are all seeking more traditional decor in their lives.

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3. Shabby chic

Magnificent bedroom for grand personalities

A shabby chic bedroom | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee

Shabby chic is all about mixing different elements and never worrying about matching up perfectly. Distressed wood in different finishes and paint colors and from different eras — including plenty of vintage pieces — work well for this look. The style is solidly feminine, with florals, ruffles, and other little embellishments to bring the whole room together. Shabby chic is cozy, comfortable, homey, light, and airy.

This was the most searched style in Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

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4. Transitional

bedroom interior with pillows and reading lamp

Transitional style | Kwanchai_Khammuean/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: California, Massachusetts

At the corner of traditional and modern lies transitional, a blend of styles that doesn’t follow any sort of strict rules. According to Eric Tsai, the director of marketing for Joybird: “Transitional has some key elements of classic, timeless design but offers modern convenience with simple lines and profiles. People in California seem to like the mix and match of old and new more than staying within a defined style.”

This was the most searched term in both California and Massachusetts.

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5. Industrial

Industrial modern loft

Industrial modern loft | 2Mmedia/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Wisconsin

Imagine a converted warehouse turned into cool lofts with exposed brick walls, intentionally visible ductwork, industrial pipe and wood bookcases, concrete floors, and cast aluminum bulb cages. Got it? OK, that’s the classic look of industrial style, which residents of Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, and Wisconsin all favor.

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6. Victorian

Victorian hallway

Victorian style hallway | frazaz/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada

The most popular interior design search term in the nation? Victorian.

People in Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, and Nevada all hope to infuse their homes with a classic Victorian look. To achieve this, they’ll need to add design features, such as crown molding, floral wallpaper, ornate furniture, and chandeliers basically everywhere.

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7. Contemporary

Modern retro style penthouse living room

Contemporary living room | Jovy86/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia

Tone-on-tone color palettes of brown, taupe, cream, and white are all part of the contemporary design style. It’s unfussy and uncluttered like modern. But instead of sharp corners, you’ll find rounded edges and clean lines. Light woods, clear or frosted glass, and a large piece of statement art are also hallmarks of contemporary design.

This was the most sought-after style in Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

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8. Midcentury modern

Midcentury modern | iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: Minnesota, Washington

For all the obsession with midcentury modern design lately, it seems surprising that it was only the most searched term in two states: Minnesota and Washington. To achieve this look, you’ll need furniture with clean, simple lines that’s often made of teak. The style can look retro without being dated as long as you commit to mixing vintage pieces with new finds.

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9. Art deco

Navy blue living room with art deco style

Art deco | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: New Mexico

This design style was the most popular search term in New Mexico. Glamorous, luxurious, and reminiscent of the Roaring ’20s, art deco includes animal prints, geometric shapes, sleek materials, sunburst patterns, and lots of mirrors.

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10. Vintage

Old wooden furniture

Details of vintage furniture | BarrySheene/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

The best way to make a new home look vintage — the preferred style in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont — is to be authentic. Scour flea markets, Craigslist, and estate sales for treasures from eras gone by. Go for muted hues over bold tones. Research specific eras that appeal to you. And never hesitate to breathe new life into an old find by refinishing or reupholstering it rather than buying a reproduction.

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11. Coastal

blue table lamp in living room

Coastal decor | ben-bryant/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: South Carolina

Cool blue hues, anchor print throw pillows, rope decor, and rattan furniture both inside and outside represent a coastal design style. Think classic beach house with whitewashed pine and plenty of pastels. It was the most searched style in South Carolina.

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12. Western

Rustic Fireplace interior living room

Western style living room | Feverpitched/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in: South Dakota, Wyoming

Are you at home on the range? In South Dakota and Wyoming, the answer is yes. This design style uses natural elements — such as wood, rock, and metal — and almost always features a prominent fireplace (with mounted animal heads optional). Leather sofas, antler chandeliers, oversized furniture, and bright Southwestern prints are all prominent here.

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13. Modern farmhouse

Barn doors in a home on HGTV's 'Fixer Upper'

Modern farmhouse on Fixer Upper |

  • Popular in: Utah

It’s a little shocking that Joanna Gaines’ preferred style is only the most popular search term in one state: Utah. Modern farmhouse embraces trends, including shiplap, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, mason jars, flowers and succulents, natural fibers, neutral colors, and chalk-painted furniture.

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