You’ll Never See Flight Attendants Eating This Food on an Airplane

If you have ever watched flight attendants on an airplane, you probably haven’t seen them eating much. They tend to take their meals in the galley, or areas of the plane where passengers won’t bother them. But if you did see these airplane cuisine experts chowing down, you also might have noticed a few things about their menus.

But inquiring minds want to know! A few of them dished about what goes in their bellies in the sky and what doesn’t. The last one might seriously gross you out (page 10).

1. Carbonated drinks

Pepsi, Coca Cola And Fanta

Carbonated drinks might cause heartburn. | Radu Bercan/iStock/Getty Images

You might not see a flight attendant sucking down a soda in the back galley. Carbonated drinks such as sodas can lead to heartburn, which no one wants in the air. They can also cause bloating and gas. Many flight attendants tend to skip them, for those reasons.

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2. Stinky or fragrant foods

Hamburger and fries

Flight attendants avoid fragrant foods. |

Flight attendants try not to consume foods that affect their breath or will stink up the cabin. For that, the rest of the plane also says “thank you.” That includes common culprits like tuna and garlic, but also food that smells too good. Joyce Foley, a flight attendant with Hawaiian Air, said she avoids foods like eggs, anything too garlicky, and fast-food burgers, as well.

Next: Those uniforms have to stay crisp, so flight attendants avoid this next one, too.

3. Anything that could make a mess


They don’t want orange fingers all flight. | AbbieImages/iStock/Getty Images

Flight attendants have to put forth a good face, so their food must stay contained, too. Mapuana Faulkner, another flight attendant with Hawaiian Airlines, said she has “seen and smelled it all” in the 20 years she’s worked as a flight attendant. The messiest food Faulkner has ever seen? Cheetos. That orange dust gets everywhere.

Next: The following common snack food also stays off their list.

4. Crunchy snacks like potato chips

Open Bag of Chips

They don’t want to annoy passengers. | artisteer/iStock/Getty Images

Crunchy foods like tortilla and potato chips make a lot of noise, and can also disturb passengers. For that reason, light attendants also tend to avoid them. Salty foods can also cause bloating, and altitude only increases that effect. Some of those uniforms have little give, so many flight attendants just won’t risk it.

Next: The next tummy trouble also makes their jobs difficult.

5. Foods that give you gas

Broccoli in pan on wood kitchen table

Flight attendants avoid these foods for obvious reasons. | phasinphoto/iStock/Getty Images

The musical fruit doesn’t appear on airplane menus for a very good reason. Beans, broccoli, onions or any other ingredients that give you gas also won’t show up in flight attendants’ snack packs. No one wants to find themselves tooting their way down the aisle, especially not while serving drinks.

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6. Greasy foods like burgers or pizza

Hot pizza

They stay away from grease. | PhotoAllel/iStock/Getty Images

If you’ve ever fried up a tasty treat at home and found the smell lingering days later, you know the hazards of grease in close quarters. Greasy foods also leave residue that could mess up flight attendants’ uniforms, or even the plane itself. Therefore, foods like burgers and pizza go off-limits, on airplanes.

Next: Turbulence can also turn the following into a disaster.

7. Instant soups or Ramen noodles

orange bowl with a block of instant ramen noodles

It’s a spill waiting to happen. |

While it may sound convenient, instant soup creates an accident waiting to happen on any moving vehicle. The second the plane hits any turbulence, a flight attendant could find themselves wearing their lunch. Top Ramen or any cups of steaming liquid can spill and slosh too, leading to burns. Keep those off the airplane menu.

Next: Dangerous allergies also prevent the following snacks.

8. Anything with peanuts


Passengers might have allergies. | AFP/Getty Images

Although they sometimes hand out little bags of peanuts on planes, flight attendants also try not to eat them. Passengers could have allergies that can react to even peanut residue on their hands. They can’t take the risk, so peanut butter and jelly sandwiches just can’t show up in their lunchboxes.

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9. Coffee or tea served on the plane

Executive jet stewardess bringing the cup of coffee to the passenger

They know to avoid the tap water. | OSchaumann/iStock/Getty Images

Have you ever seen flight attendants boarding with a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts cup? That might have to do with the water they use to make coffee and tea on-board. The water can contain traces of E. coli and other nasty bugs. To avoid getting sick, flight attendants often bring their own. You might want to also take a page out of that book, to stay healthy during your trip.

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10. Cups of yogurt

cup of yougurt

The cups might explode on a flight. | lvinst/iStock/Getty Images

Although yogurt cups provide a great source of probiotics, flight attendants never pack them on flights. Because of changing cabin pressure, they can easily explode. Extremely limited fridge space also means they might have no way to keep them cold, either. They have to find another way to keep their guts healthy, when on the job.

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