Your Cheat Sheet to Everything a Modern Man Needs for 4th of July Weekend

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“Obstacles are not only to be expected, but embraced. Embraced? Yes, because these obstacles are actually opportunities to test ourselves, to try new things, and, ultimately, to triumph. The Obstacle Is the Way.”

Ryan Holiday, The Obstacle is the Way

TGIF: 4th of July edition

What makes summer Fridays different from all others? They are the proverbial gateway drug to more awesome weekends! And the 4th of July stands on one of the highest pedestals of all (thanks, fireworks, music festivals, and beer).

What to drink

Beer: Few things are more American than grilling (see below) while enjoying a cold beer… with a red, white and blue can! Our favorite of the lot is the super-drinkable Dale’s Pale Ale. This American Pale Ale is crisp, refreshing, and has hints of piney hops and citrus. And the 6.5% ABV is the goldilocks alcohol content to keep your buzz on all day without napping through the fireworks.

Libations: An equally American classic is a Bourbon and Coke. All you need is 1 part Bourbon, 3-5 parts Coke, and ice. If you want to go upscale from plastic cups, impress your peeps with an Old Fashioned or Collins glass. Then drop the knowledge that the Bourbon and Coke was first mentioned in a U.S. Bureau of Chemistry Report in 1907… four years after cocaine was eliminated from Coca-Cola’s recipe. Think about what those Independence Day parties were like!

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What to eat

Time to express your manhood with some power-grilling. Sifting through online recipe sites sucks when you have more important things to do (like drink a Dale’s Pale Ale), so we put this quick recipe menu together so you can click-and-cook whatever your cookout guests desire.

Take ‘em to school

What to say if your friend mentions the World Cup…

The Men’s World Cup took place in 2014 (genius tip: Germany won), so any World Cup chatter is referring to the women’s race for global glory. Lucky for us, the U.S. Women’s team is in the final match against Japan on July 5th. If you want to sound smart, all you need to know is U.S. forward Alex Morgan has been incredible at getting “into the box” but her knee injury seems to have taken away her ability to “finish strong.” You’ll also want to mention Japan is lucky to be in the finals after England accidentally scored a goal on itself in the final moments of their semi-final match. If you want to take your fandom to the next level, simply mention the U.S. will become the winningest Women’s World Cup team in history, with one more win than Germany, if they win their third World Cup on Sunday. Got it? Got it. Good.

What to say if your friend is taking a trip to Oregon for legal weed…

Yup. Oregon now joins Washington, Colorado, Alaska and Washington D.C. as places to consume legal marijuana. If you’re 21 or older you can possess up to 8 ounces in your home (if you plan on getting super-duper high) or 1 ounce outside your home. Unfortunately, Oregon’s politicians must have been so stoned they haven’t yet finished promulgating rules about where to buy marijuana, so you’ll have to wait until October 1st for that crucial step in the process ;) (genius tip: read Your Cheat Sheet to Marijuana Legalization). If you go to Oregon or the other places above, make sure you know the problem with these THC treats. (If you’re in vacation planning mode, here are 7 states on the verge of legalizing marijuana.)

What to say if your friend brings up free agency…

Unless you have a brain as powerful as IBM’s Watson to remember everything, this will be the opportune time to excuse yourself for a bathroom break so you can simply remember this Cheat Sheet (genius tip: contracts cannot be signed until July 9th): Kevin Love agreed to a five year $110 million dollar deal to stay in Cleveland, star power forward LaMarcus Aldridge is leaving Portland for a team that’s probably in Texas, while Dwyane Wade is staying in South Beach on a one-year contract as the Heat look to return to the playoffs. Oh, and Los Angeles and New York have totally struck out after failing to impress Aldridge and losing Greg Monroe to Milwaukee, respectively. (Earn more respect with our Cheat Sheet to free agent action in the Central Division.) After you pick out a few highlights and free up room for more pale ale, stroll over and take your friends to school like a Stephen Curry cross-over, fade-away three.

Streams of the week

‘Turn’ is about spies. Oh yeah, and it has won high critical praise for its intelligent, well-made portrayal of history. Who doesn’t want to watch George Washington’s spies on the 4th of July? (If you’ve already seen it, here are 4 more patriotic TV shows for the 4th of July.)

Movie: ‘Born on the 4th of July’ is an Academy Award winner starring Tom Cruise who enlists in the Marines with a patriotic heart in the Vietnam War era. This is a total mind-bender by one of our favorite film-makers of all-time Oliver Stone. Grab that Dale’s Pale Ale and get deep. (If you’ve already seen it, here are 6 more patriotic films for the 4th of July.)

Stuff you should own

A 4th of July Cheat Sheet wouldn’t be complete without mention of something cool on sale. To enhance your party, this highly rated Bluetooth speaker from NYNE is on sale for 33% off at Amazon. It has a sleek design, a handle for easy portability, and a built-in woofer to fill out the sound spectrum with plenty of bass. It’s compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, which makes it easy to pipe tunes from any modern piece of technology, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It even has a built-in microphone, so you can answer calls while you cook, no hands required. Get yours here. (If you are in the market for home appliances, we have four more killer appliances discounted here.)

Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday weekend!