You’re Most Likely to Die From Gun Violence in These 15 States

It’s no secret the United States has a gun problem. According to a 2010 report by the American Journal of Medicine, the death rates from firearms — homicide, suicide, and unintentional — were significantly higher in the U.S. than other high-income countries. In fact, compared to the other high-income countries, “82% of all people killed by firearms were from the United States,” according to the report.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention measures causes of death by state each year, including death by a firearm. In 2015, the United States experienced 36,252 firearm deaths, according to the CDC, for a rate of 11.1 deaths per 100,000 people. Massachusetts had the lowest death rate, at 3 per 100,000 residents for 213 total deaths. But here are the 15 states on the other end of the scale, which had the highest firearm death rates in the country.

15. Idaho

Welcome sign on the boarder to Idaho

Idaho had the 15th highest firearm death rate in the U.S. |

Firearm death rate (per 100,000 residents): 14.7

With 247 deaths in 2015, Idaho comes in at No. 15 for its firearm death rate, according to the CDC. To put that in perspective, the leading cause of death in the state for that year was cancer with 2,849 deaths. And though a direct link between firearm deaths and gun ownership hasn’t been proven, the journal Injury Prevention reports 56.9% of Idaho households owned a gun as of 2013.

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