You’re Most Likely to Get a Speeding Ticket in This State

Whether you own a reliable car or one deemed a total waste of money, you’ll want to be especially careful driving through these states. According to data from Yonkers Honda in New York, these are the states where you’re most likely to get a speeding ticket (per capita).

10. Utah

Utah red rocks
Driving by gorgeous Utah red rocks | welcomia/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 20.22 drivers

Once deemed one of the worst states for driving, Utah drivers are now among the best in the country, reports a recent study. However, they still land on the list of states receiving the most speeding tickets per capita. Utah police officers give out tickets at about twice the national average.

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9. Arizona

Phoenix Arizona skyline
View of downtown Phoenix | miroslav_1/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 19.95 drivers

Arizona drivers are the ninth worst in the U.S. overall. Plus, a recent study found that only 88% of Arizona drivers are insured. A bright spot in the study, however, is the fact that the fatality rate for Arizona drivers is decreasing from previous years.

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8. South Dakota

South Dakota's Badlands National Park
Driving in Badlands National Park in South Dakota | Rex_Wholster/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 19.35 drivers

Although South Dakotans receive lots of speeding tickets, the state is one of the best for drivers, reports Bankrate. The study found South Dakota is the ninth best state for drivers concerning congestion, commutes, and driving-related incidents. However, it’s among the worst for teen DUI incidents.

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7. North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway | skiserge1/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 18.81 drivers

North Carolina drivers are distracted and don’t care much for obeying traffic laws, reports a car insurance study. Speeding is the worst issue for people in North Carolina, but driving distractions — like texting, grooming, checking GPS, and talking on the phone — aren’t far behind.

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6. Mississippi

Mississippi Lighthouse at Night
Biloxi Lighthouse in Mississippi | CrackerClips/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 16.72 drivers

They say life slows down in the South, but apparently not when it comes to driving. In addition to amassing speeding tickets, Mississippi is called the deadliest state to drive in, with contributing factors like texting while driving, not wearing a seatbelt, and drinking and driving.

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5. Washington

Freeway traffic on Interstate 5 in Washington State
Traveling north on Interstate 5 in Washington State | captivecookie/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 16.25 drivers

Washington has the fifth worst drivers in the country, based on a study that looks at factors like DUIs, accidents, and traffic citations. The Evergreen State jumped from being 33rd in accident rate to 14.

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4. Georgia

View of Atlanta from Jackson Street Bridge
The Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta | red7255/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 15.78 drivers

Georgia ranks third for the most aggressive drivers in the U.S. Plus, a study connected congested roads in Atlanta to higher cases of aggressive driving, including speeding. The city ranks No. 4 in the country for aggressive drivers, with an aggressive driving event occurring every 8.2 minutes.

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3. Oregon

Columbia River gorge in Oregon
View of the Columbia River gorge in Oregon | AnSyvanych/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 15.57 drivers

Interestingly enough, Oregon came in fourth place for having the slowest drivers in the country, according to a recent study by Progressive. It seems like speedy drivers overcompensate for slower counterparts.

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2. South Carolina

Traffic jam on bridge in South Carolina
South Carolina bridge | EmilyRivera/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 12.04 drivers

South Carolina holds steady as “not quite the worst in the country but pretty close.” A recent study just declared that South Carolina has the second worst driving population in the U.S.

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1. Wyoming

Chief Joseph Scenic Byway in Wyoming
Chief Joseph Scenic Byway in Wyoming | photosbyjim/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 11.36 drivers

Maybe it’s the wide open roads that compel Wyomingites to speed. This state receives the most speeding tickets per capita at one fine per 11.36 citizens. That’s four times the national average of one speeding ticket per 45.19 people.

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5. Alabama

Huntsville Alabama in motion
Huntsville, Alabama’s I-565 past the Space and Rocket Center | gatorinsc/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 102.93 drivers

Unlike its neighbor Mississippi, Alabama drivers are the fifth least likely to get a speeding ticket. Maybe it’s the rural roads or maybe Alabamians just like to take their time. Huntsville, Alabama gets bragging rights for being the U.S. city with the fourth best drivers, according to a recent study.

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4. Illinois

Downtown Chicago | Timothy_Wang/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 110.78 drivers

You’re pretty safe from tickets in Illinois. Most of the population of Illinois lives in Chicago, which has public transportation and enough congestion that it’s difficult to speed, so this isn’t surprising. Add icy roads and potholes, and Illinois drivers would have a hard time speeding even if they wanted to.

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3. North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota
The road through Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota | wakr10/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 143.18 drivers

They don’t get many speeding tickets, but that doesn’t mean North Dakotans are good drivers. They earned the title of worst in the U.S., reports an Insurify study. According to the research, 30% of registered motorists have reported a driving incident, an accident, or running a stoplight in the last seven years.

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2. Michigan

Driving Across The Mackinaw Bridge In Michigan
Michigan’s Mackinaw Bridge on Interstate 75 | ehrlif/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 143.67 drivers

If you’ve ever driven out of Detroit on I-75, you know Michiganders aren’t afraid to go heavy on the gas pedal. Yet drivers in the Great Lakes State get speeding tickets at a low rate. The recent change on freeway speed limits (from 70 to 75 miles per hour) lets Michigan drivers get their speeding fix.

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1. West Virginia

West Virginia's Cranberry Wilderness
Cranberry Wilderness in West Virginia | krblokhin/Getty Images
  • One speeding ticket issued per 154.88 drivers

West Virginia is the state with the fewest speeding tickets, which is surprising since it doesn’t end up on many “best drivers in the U.S.” lists. But we can take comfort knowing that West Virginians are less likely to get speeding tickets than drivers in any other U.S. state.