You’ve Never Seen Photos of Jupiter Like This

Jupiter has always been a fascination for humans. From the time we first mapped the Great Red Spot on its surface to the first images the Voyager mission sent to us, we have always been trying to get a better view. In 2011, the Juno spacecraft was launched to let us know more about the gas giant and its secrets.

Juno has provided some of the most jaw-dropping photos of the planet to date. But before we get to those, take a look at what went into this project and how incredibly amazing this spacecraft is. If you don’t care and just want to see the jaw-dropping images of Jupiter, click ahead to page 8.

1. Juno is huge

Juno's solar arm with its magnetometer.

The Juno spacecraft is impressively large. | NASA/Kennedy Space Center

The Juno spacecraft is massive. As you can see in the photo above, the body of the craft dwarfs the human standing next to it. When it has its solar array fully extended, it’s larger than a professional basketball court. The only way they could get this craft into space was to launch it aboard an Atlas V551 rocket.

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