1 Sweet Photo Reveals Trait Meghan Markle Got From Her Mom Doria Ragland

It’s not really a secret that Meghan Markle and her mother, Doria Ragland, are exceptionally close. Doria was the only family member of Meghan’s who was in attendance at the royal wedding over a year ago, and the United States native has been flying back and forth between England and California ever since her only daughter relocated across the pond to be with Prince Harry.

When we look back on photographs from previous years, we can see just how much time Doria and Meghan have spent together. They are a perfect mother and daughter duo, and there is no doubt that it is difficult for them to be living thousands of miles apart.

Even so, fans can only assume that Doria, who is a very loving and caring mother, did a great job at raising Meghan, given how wonderful she turned out to be. The Duchess of Sussex is loved by people all over the world and had a huge fan base long before ever meeting her husband. Her mom definitely deserves credit for teaching her to be the way she is.

Let’s talk about this one sweet photograph that reveals a trait that Meghan Markle got from her mom, Doria Ragland

Meghan Markle has a passion for charity work

Meghan Markle at Westminster Abbey
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Samir Hussein/WireImage

One of the things that Meghan loves to do is give back to others, something that is evidenced by the extensive charity work that she has done. She has a passion for issues such as women’s rights, animal welfare, and education, and Town & Country can report that this is reflected in the organizations chosen for her royal patronages.

The Association of Commonwealth Universities, Mayhew, Smartworks, and the National Theater are among the first charities that Meghan became a patron of after joining the royal family.

Doria also enjoys giving back

Meghan is certainly not the only one with a generous spirit! Doria has always had a strong desire to help other people, and it shows.

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan’s mom recently ran a 5K for a suicide prevention charity. Fox News reports that she was also at the launch of Meghan’s charity cookbook, her first solo project as the Duchess of Sussex. Her caring nature definitely does not end there, as Doria is a dedicated social worker who spent some time concentrating on helping patients at a nonprofit mental health center.

It was back in 2015 that Meghan and her mom were photographed attending the UN Women’s 20th Anniversary of the Fourth World Conference of Women in Beijing, an event that took place in New York City. 

One sweet photo reveals a trait that Meghan Markle got from her mom

So, what is the photograph that reveals the trait of generosity that Meghan got from her mom?

Recently, Doria was photographed handing out blankets to those affected by the California wildfires near her home. It was such a wonderful thing to do, and according to Marie Claire, she was completely focused on helping those in need. Doria knows just how devastating it can be for those whose homes had been destroyed, and she wanted to do her part to be of as much assistance as she could.

Meghan’s mom lives in Los Angeles, in a neighborhood called View Park-Windsor Hills, and although thousands of people were affected by the wildfires, Doria’s home was not.

Still, this didn’t stop her from showing her support to others who weren’t as lucky as she was, and we can’t imagine how proud Meghan must be knowing that her mother did this. Looks like a generous and caring spirit is definitely a trait that was passed from mother to daughter.