1 Very Surprising Person Is Defending Meghan Markle On Twitter

You know things are harrowing when you’re ex-boyfriend’s mom is defending your character on social media. Though we adore Duchess Meghan Markle and believe she is whip-smart, kind and caring –the British public and press haven’t exactly embraced the American and former actress into the British Royal Family.

Instead, since the moment Markle and Prince Harry announced their intent to become man and wife –the Suits alum has been harassed, bullied and attacked. In fact, the British press has done everything in its power to try and undermine the good work that the Duchess of Sussex is doing.

Though most people would never admit it –racism and sexism seem to be the major weapons wielded against Markle. Things have gotten so bad that in a recent revealing documentary ITV’s Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, the Sussexes hinted they might walk away from it all if things do not improve. Though fans of Markle’s and her close friends have continuously defended her in the press — one shocking person is now stepping up to defend her. 

Meghan Markle’s ex-boyfriend’s mother just defended her on Twitter

Usually, when you go through a breakup –your former partner’s friends and family tend to choose sides. Typically this means that you’re ousted from their inner circle completely However, the mother of Meghan Markle’s ex-boyfriend, Chef Cory Vitiello has just hopped on Twitter to defend the duchess against the constant bullying.

Rallying behind the duchess, 72 female members of the British Parliament wrote an open letter sharing their solidarity with and empathy for the Duchess of Sussex. (We love women who support women.) Markle’s best friend, Jessica Mulroney shared the open letter on Twitter tweeting, “That’s what I’m talking about.” She also included a heart emoji.

In a now-deleted tweet, Chef Vitiello’s mom, Joanne Vitiello, replied to Mulroney’s tweet saying, “It’s about time! (So sad and shocking that there’s so much jealousy, hostility and bullying directed her way!).”

When did Meghan Markle and Cory Vitiello date?

Markle and Vitiello dated from 2014 to 2016. They reportedly lived together and broke up shortly before the duchess met Prince Harry. Though things between the Duchess and her son did not work out, Joanne Vitiello gushed about Markle in a 2018 interview with Daily Mail. She said,

We are very fond of her … she is a lovely, lovely woman. Very smart, very bright, very caring. She’s a warm personality, very sincere. We very much enjoyed the time we spent with her. She fitted very well into our family. The Royal Family, and Britain, is very lucky to have her.

Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry leave the British Royal Family?

Despite the support from many people across the globe –we’re not sure if the British public or press’ attitudes can or will soften toward the duchess. In fact, Richard Palmer, a royal correspondent for Daily Express said on Pod Save the Queen that the Sussexes have laid the foundation to leave the British Royal Family. He explained,

Well, I can see it happening. It’s possible at the moment, I think, to look at what they said, and Meghan essentially saying they’re really only existing and not enjoying life.

We wonder how this might all pan out.