This is the 1 Word Donald Trump Uses the Most on Twitter

Every American of voting age knows that one of President Trump’s favorite ways to spend his free time is on Twitter. For better or worse, we’re now living in the social media age. That means the President of the United States is even sending important messages to Americans and other world leaders, 280 characters at a time.

But have you ever wondered what Trump’s most frequently tweeted words are? Or which other Twitter users he mentions most often? We took a deep dive into the president’s Twitter statistics, including his five most frequently tweeted words (starting on page 5).

Trump’s most active hours on Twitter

Trump tweets frequently in the morning.
Trump frequently tweets in the morning. | Donald J. Trump on Twitter

It shouldn’t be a major surprise to those that follow Trump on Twitter that his most active time falls between 6 a.m.–9 a.m. EST. Nothing like starting your day with a storm of tweets, often focused on what’s going on in America at that given time.

Overall, Trump averages a little over six tweets per day and spends roughly 12 hours per month on Twitter. However, only about four of those 12 hours each month fall during regular business hours. So, at least there’s that.


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Trump’s most mentioned Twitter users

Trump sure loves his friends at 'Fox and Friends'
Trump sure loves his friends at Fox and Friends. | Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Trump’s top 10 most mentioned Twitter accounts include his daughter, Ivanka, and his son, Eric. Even Melania (@FLOTUS) gets pretty frequent mentions from the president. But it’s not all family members that President Trump likes to tweet about.

CNN, the New York Times, and Fox News all are regularly mentioned by Trump, and by far his most mentioned Twitter account is @foxandfriends. Trump regularly shows some love on Twitter for his favorite TV show.


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Most frequent hashtags

Trump's campaign slogan continues to live on Twitter.
Trump’s campaign slogan continues to live on Twitter. | Donald Trump on Twitter

By far the most frequent hashtag that President Trump uses on Twitter is #MAGA, or “Make America Great Again.” Also making the list is the less-frequent #MakeAmericaGreatAgain hashtag, as well as #AmericaFirst.

The most surprising hashtag to make the list, though? Trump’s sixth-most used hashtag is #icymi, which is an acronym for “in case you missed it.” He also frequently used #UNGA in September 2017, during the United Nations General Assembly.

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Percent of real words used

It's hard to do your job with all the negative press covfefe.
It’s hard to do your job with all the negative press covfefe. | Donald Trump on Twitter

If you were hoping to find out that Trump has a low percentage of “real words” used in his tweets, you’re going to be disappointed. The president comes in at 93% for “real words,” which is on the higher end for most Twitter users while still leaving some gray area.

Outside of the much-publicized “covfefe” incident, Trump hasn’t had too many issues with making up new words. What gets him the most is the occasional spelling error. Who among us can’t relate?

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Trump tweets about being president.
Trump tweets about being president. | Donald J. Trump on Twitter

President Trump sure likes to tweet the word “president.” It’s his fifth most-used word on the social media account.  There’s no telling when Trump first tweeted the word — or, more accurately, we didn’t want to do that much digging through his tweets.

The guess here is that it was shortly after he joined Twitter, considering how often he liked to tweet about President Obama. It’s still popular on Trump’s Twitter account, however, as the president likes to frequently refer to himself in third-person.

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Trump believes in America First.
Trump believes in America First. | Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Whether he’s talking about making it great or simply pandering to his base, Trump is no stranger to using the word “America” in his tweets. Just a cursory scroll through the president’s timeline shows him proudly proclaiming “AMERICA FIRST” quite frequently, as well.

Those who are familiar with history will remember the very negative connotation that comes along with that phrase. But it’s unlikely that Trump — or his strongest supporters — are all too concerned with that perception.

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Trump is proud of his record on jobs.
Trump is proud of his record on jobs. | Donald Trump on Twitter

One of the biggest reasons why Trump is currently the President of the United States has to do with jobs and unemployment. Interestingly enough, “jobs” is also the third-most tweeted word on Donald Trump’s Twitter accounts — and he’s not talking about Steve. Trump has really banged the drum for his record on jobs in his first year as president, and it’s true that private industry has continued to grow under Trump.

However, it has been a bit misleading. There were more private jobs created during President Obama’s final year in office than in the first year under Trump, for example. At any rate, Trump will almost certainly keep tweeting about jobs until the numbers are no longer favorable.

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Trump loves his tax cut.
Trump loves his tax cut. | Donald Trump on Twitter

Taxes were a major topic of Trump’s first year, with the Republican-controlled Congress passing sweeping tax reform. That slashed the corporate income tax rate, among other initiatives that will help shift more wealth to the top 1% of Americans.

Trump pushed hard for the tax cut, and he still frequently tweets about it.

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Tweeting about 'fake news' has become like a second job for Donald Trump.
Tweeting about ‘fake news’ has become like a second job for Donald Trump. | Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Trump’s most frequently tweeted word is also the least surprising. By far, the one thing that absolutely consumes President Trump on Twitter is “fake news,” which leads to his many tweets tagging the Twitter accounts of CNN and the New York Times.

He also frequently tweets about Russian collusion, which he also refers to as “fake news.” Also on the list of Trump’s most frequently tweeted words is “Russia,” but it was a bit outside the top-five. Other notable words include “military,” “democrats,” and “Trump.”

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