25 Best Sci-Fi Cult Classics That Everyone Should See

There are more than a few bona fide science fiction film classics that everyone has seen, but for the most part, much of the genre’s best offerings have only been watched by a select few. The vast offerings of sci-fi encompass a litany of beloved cult classics.

Let’s see if we can expand some horizons and run through the greatest of them all, ranked by Rotten Tomatoes critic’s scores. (A note: ties were broken by overall audience scores.)

25. The Blob (1958)

A red substance in ball form in front of a movie theater

The Blob | Paramount Pictures

Widely remembered as one of the genre’s early B-movies, the original The Blob film depicts teenagers in a small Pennsylvania town who are up against a growing alien substance that landed on Earth in a meteorite.

Starring a young Steve McQueen in his first leading role, the film is a classic to many a genre-fiend. There have been talks of a future remake (beyond the unnecessary 1988 version), but only time will tell.

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