10 TV Shows Returning in March

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

2015 is a year of huge premieres, and these last two months have been no exception. We saw series like Better Call Saul kick off for the first time, and mainstays like The Walking Dead make their triumphant return following a lengthy winter hiatus. But now it’s time to look forward to what March has in store. Tons of shows sit on the horizon across all the major networks, from anticipated dramas to reality shows that have been around for over a decade.

It’s tough to keep track of every single premiere yourself though, and that’s where we come in. There’s plenty to watch, and we’re happy to guide you through only the best!

1. The Following, March 2 on Fox

Kevin Bacon’s return to prominence has been swift with Fox’s The Following. The crime thriller has seen our main character take down serial killers and cults, acting as equal parts Silence of the Lambs and the Manson family. Season 2 ended last April on a cliffhanger, as we’ve had to wait almost two months longer than usual to kick off the new slate of episodes. The Season 3 preview teases us with some wedding-centric violence and drama, giving us little more than a quick cut and some screams before it fades to black.

2. Hell’s Kitchen, March 3 on Fox

Gordon Ramsay is never one to go easy on the contestants for his reality show, Hell’s Kitchen. It’s the show that made him famous, with Ramsay spending a fair amount of his time yelling at inferior work, berating contestants, and being generally terrifying. This season will apparently start with each contestant jumping off of a roof (no, really) for what we can only assume is something at least tangentially related to becoming a better chef.

3. Broadchurch, March 4 on BBC America

The hit BBC America show starring David Tennant is finally returning, and clearly the drama is still running high. In the first-look teaser, we see our recently captured murderer entering his plea of “not guilty,” for a season we expect will be centered around this whirlwind of a trial. When this second season originally aired back in 2014, actors were sworn to secrecy, and told not to disclose any plot points to the public. Now in its American re-air, much more information is readily available. But don’t let that tempt you to read ahead, you’ll want everything coming to be as much a surprise as humanly possible.

4. Say Yes to the Dress, March 6 on TLC

Say Yes to the Dress has been a strong mainstay on TLC for almost a decade, entering now into its 13th season. We imagine the newest episodes will feature more of the same: Excited brides, over-budget weddings, and exorbitantly expensive dresses from the famed Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan. Past that, it’s hard to tell what we have in store for the wedding-centric reality show.

5. Bates Motel, March 9 on A&E

Between Bates Motel and Hannibal, it would appear as though serial killer prequels are the next big thing. This one features Norman Bates from Psycho, as we get a peek into the early days of his insanely creepy relationship with his mother. Season 3 promises to feature just as much strangeness, as Bates continues his ascension into one of the most prolific murderers in all of fiction.

6. Keeping Up With the Kardashians, March 15 on E!

The life of Kim Kardashian and her mercurial family is never short on drama, making their reality show on E! everyone’s favorite trainwreck. The controversy surrounding Bruce Jenner and his gender transition may very well be a part of this new season airing midway through March, although it’s not immediately clear how much or how often he’ll be appearing. Past that, it looks like the usual antics from the Kardashians in a show that’s made itself shockingly addicting for audiences everywhere.

7. Dancing With the Stars, March 16 on ABC

Last season, Alfonso Ribiero famously took home the title. This year, we have an all new cast, featuring the likes of Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin, Patti LaBelle, and Michael Sam. Its base concept is elegantly simple, making it an ideal reality competition show. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that seeing our favorite celebrities take on all styles of dancing from salsa to ballroom is wildly entertaining. Last year’s spectacle featuring the insanely talented Ribiero was more than enough to make us want to tune in once again.

8. Community, March 17 on Yahoo! Video

Community may have been cancelled off of network TV, but that didn’t scare Yahoo! off from resurrecting it for an online streaming run for its sixth season. Dan Harmon returns as the showrunner, but the cast will remain without Donald Glover, while also losing Yvette Nicole Brown. The soul of the show remains intact though, hopefully delivering on its promise of “six seasons and a movie.”

9. Undateable, March 17 on NBC

Featuring your typical cast of sitcom characters, Undateable resonated enough with audiences to get renewed for a second season on NBC, a feat that many comedies have struggled with since the exit of popular shows like The Office and 30 Rock. It’s following the lead of networks like CBS for three-camera live-audience comedies, replete with a laugh track to boot. With more clever single-camera shows now off the air, this may very well be the new era of NBC comedy.

10. Intervention, March 22 on A&E

After 13 seasons, Intervention has made a living as a reality show focusing on recovering addicts in need of help from their family and friends. Season 14 kicks off late next month for more of the same, with a new cast of people with a variety of issues to solve. Combine that with A&E’s other big offering Bates Motel and March is set to be a big month for the network.

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