19 Ways to Celebrate National Let’s Laugh Day and 1 That Will Leave You in Tears

Let’s be honest: We could all use a good laugh pretty much all the time. And in honor of Let’s Laugh Day on March 19, we decided to round up some of our favorite funnies. Whether you get giggling at doggos doin a cute, people living their best lives in a hilarious way, or remembering your favorite films, we’ve got something to get you LOLing. We bet you can’t make it through the whole list without doing a spit-take.

1. Dogs getting back at their owners

Husky having a tantrum
Nothing like hilarious canines to make your day. | Rumble Viral via Youtube

If you have a dog, you know they can get pretty sneaky. We laughed out loud at these furry bandits, ranging from pupperinos to gray-nosed doges. If you ever left your dog unattended and seriously regretted it afterward, have we got a video collection for you.

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2. Ask Siri these questions for a hilarious response

Apple iPhone 4S with Siri
There are some really good ones. | Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Sometimes, digital personal assistants like Siri can get a little annoying when they misunderstand your questions. But just as often, they serve up some hysterical responses. The programmers behind Siri actually included some awesome Easter Eggs in the software. Go ahead, spend the afternoon laughing at these great questions.

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3. Forget Twitter, here’s the funniest stuff on your phone

9GAG - funny apps for Android and iOS
See all the best stuff the internet has to offer. | Google Play

If you want to carry the laughs in your pocket, you have to download these awesome apps. Between hilarious round-ups of fail-tacular videos, memes, and binge-worthy listicles, we found a little something for everyone. These apps can waste some serious time. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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4. Call in ‘sick’ with these excuses

call in sick
Forget saying you have the flu. | iStock/Getty Images

Telling your boss you caught the flu just doesn’t have the same ring as, say, you have to care for your sick llama. How about explaining that you can’t show your gnarly roots in public? Or maybe you mistook cat food for tuna and got really ill. Get the back story behind these hilarious call-ins and never use a boring excuse again.

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5. These movies are so bad, they’re good

‘Sharknado’ anyone? | Syfy Films

There’s just nothing like a really terrible movie to lift the spirits. We dare you not to laugh at some of the best bad films of all time. Some of them went straight to DVD, others flopped at the box office, but earned a place in this particular hall of fame.

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6. Think Star Wars isn’t funny? Think again, you must

Han Solo in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Han Solo in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back | Giphy

Hardcore Star Wars fans probably already know the film franchise contains some real gut-busters. If you need to brush up on your knowledge, we’ve got you covered. Read our ranking of the funniest moments in Star Wars, and then cue up the movies to catch them yourself.

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7. These podcasts will leave you rolling

Comedy Bang Bang
Perfect for a pick-me-up or a boring commute. | Comedy Bang Bang

Warning: You may not want to turn on these podcasts in public. The most hilarious podcasts we could find pose a serious snort-take hazard. If you work a boring job or just need a pick-me-up at break time, give some of these a listen. Your coworkers will beg to learn your secret.

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8. Milo Yiannapoulos wrote a book. It did not go well

His editor went in on the book. | New York County Clerk

The right-wing icon turned in a trainwreck of a book to his editor. It went about as you’d expect. Luckily for the rest of us, those hilarious notes came out, and now we can get a good laugh at his expense. Payback’s a you-know-what for the man who once said birth control makes women unattractive and crazy.

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9. These will have you saying ‘d*** you autocorrect

If you’ve ever sent an awkward text to your boss, these are for you. | Graphic by Erika Rawes/text from Damnyouautocorrect.com

Does anyone ever mean to text “duck?” These hilarious autocorrect fails will make you feel like a texting expert. If you ever sent accidentally intimate texts to your boss or your mom, you have to read these. Don’t drink anything while you do, though.

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10. The funniest PR fails that win our hearts (and our stomachs)

Burger king tweet fries
They know what our real loves are. | Burger King via Twitter

If you don’t follow these companies on Twitter, who do you even follow? We found the funniest PR accounts on social media. Some of them made us very hungry, but all of them made us laugh. Bonus points if you get through this list without making a food run.

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11. Taste back in time with this too-real food chart

food trend chart
It’s too true. | Mari Andrew via Instagram

Remember when everyone got obsessed with the Cosmopolitan? How about sundried tomatoes? You don’t need a time machine to laugh about the crazy food trends we all fell into with this list. Grab a snack and remember when we all ate these bizarre dishes.

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12. Just a bunch of presidents with no chill

American statesman Harry S Truman
Who knew the presidents were such pranksters. | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The highest office in the country and the leader of the free world seems like a pretty stressful job. Some of our commanders in chief let off a little steam by playing some impressive pranks. If you feel pretty smart about your April Fool’s jokes, give this a read. Abraham Lincoln has you beat.

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13. Hilarious thoughts from small town residents

Shopping cart at walmart
You don’t realize how thankful you are for Wal-Mart until you don’t have one. | snyferok/iStock/Getty Images

If your town does not feature a Wal-Mart, Target, or other big-box store, you know how real the struggle can get. Those of you who love the small town life have probably thought at least one of these things before. And your neighbors have definitely participated in this one relatable thing.

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14. Yes, your favorite celebrities really gave their pets these names

Taylor Swift named her cat Meredith Grey
Naming your animals after favorite characters is common. | Taylor Swift via Instagram

Some of the things celebrity parents name their kids have us shaking our heads. But dog and cat-lovers know naming a pet can feel at least as important. That’s why we can’t help but wonder what celebrities thought when they gave these names to their precious pets. Bonus points for funny little faces!

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15. We have all thought these words when on a diet

young woman preparing the dinner
When the idea of cooking vegetables is just too much. | LarsZahnerPhotography/iStock/Getty Images

Maybe your spouse suddenly looks like a giant piece of cake. Or maybe you figure that only half a brownie has just half the calories. Let’s get real: Dieting can make us go a little nuts. You will definitely smile at some of these diet thoughts.

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16. Yes, you can get back at spammers

Hands on Laptop keyboard high quality and high resolution studio shoot
You can get back at them. | Getty Images

Some days, the ol’ inbox looks like the classifieds section with all of the spam that comes rolling in. When you get sick of hitting “unsubscribe,” it might feel hopeless. But you can get back at those spammers in some really hysterical ways. Check out these strategies and try out a few on the worst offenders.

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17. These celebrities got real about motherhood

Newborn baby holding a hand
These parents didn’t beat around the bush. | mmpile/iStock/Getty Images

Whether you have kids of your own or have yet to start a family, you know motherhood carries a ton of challenges. But you might also know about the belly-busters that happen, too. These celebrities got super honest about their parenting, and you will love what they have to say.

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18. These Super Bowl commercials still make us giggle

Hair commercial superbowl
Everyone knows the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. | It’s a 10 Hair Care via Youtube

Even football fans have to admit, the Super Bowl commercials keep us tuned in when the big game gets boring. These 2017 commercials kept us laughing, and even convinced us to buy a product or two. No, we can’t tell you which ones. Watch a few; you’ll understand.

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19. Jerry weighs in on the funniest Seinfeld moment

Cast of “Seinfeld”
He has his favorite. | Scott Flynn/AFP/Getty Images

We all have that friend who can quote pretty much the entire Seinfeld series. Maybe you get into arguments over which scene wins out as funniest of all time. Well, that argument is over. Jerry himself came out and said which one he likes best. The rest of us can just go home now.

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20. SNL has poked fun at politics for decades

‘I can see Russia from my house’ will always be a winner. | NBC

Saturday Night Live has made fun of politicians longer than some of us have been alive. And they’re really, really good at it. We made the supreme sacrifice of watching enough SNL to determine the funniest political moments, so you don’t have to. You still could, though. You know, for science.

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