10 Years After ‘The Social Network,’ What’s the Latest on the Potential Sequel?

When The Social Network was released in 2010, social media was still relatively new. Sites like Facebook and Twitter were just beginning to let their power known. But a decade later, so much has changed. One that hasn’t though is the love of director David Fincher’s film.

Now we live in an age when social media continues to shape our culture. In fact, issues such as privacy, cybersecurity, and misinformation are at the forefront of our collective mind. A sequel to The Social Network could build upon the themes of Fincher’s film and Facebook’s own complex place in the world. So what’s the status of The Social Network 2?

Jesse Eisenberg on the red carpet
Jesse Eisenberg on the red carpet | Getty Images

‘The Social Network’ was an Oscar-winning classic upon release

Looking back, The Social Network is commonly recognized as one of the best movies of the 2010s. But the film isn’t some overlooked gem that has only gained esteem over time. On the contrary, the film received universally positive reviews upon its release, with many critics tapping into the film’s prescient themes.

Moreover, The Social Network features an Oscar-nominated performance by Jesse Eisenberg. It received seven other nominations too, including Best Picture. In the end, The Social Network walked away with three Academy Awards, including trophies for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ score and Aaron Sorkin’s sharp script.

Even more impressively, The Social Network turned out to be the most unlikely blockbuster of the year. Made for a reported production budget of $40 million, the film went on to earn $224 million at the worldwide box office. Not too shabby for a talky drama about intellectual property rights and the burgeoning business of the internet.

Aaron Sorkin and Jesse Eisenberg are interested in making a sequel

So critics, the industry, and audiences all loved The Social Network. So is a sequel ever going to happen? It appears that it might. Eventually. Sorkin himself said in 2019 he believes there’s more than enough material to make a second film. In fact, producer Scott Rudin, according to Sorkin, has continually asked about the prospect of making a sequel.

Of course, if such a project were to come together, Eisenberg would need to return as Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook founder has become even more famous and infinitely more controversial in the years since The Social Network‘s release. Thankfully, Eisenberg — who channeled his Zuckerberg for Batman v Superman — is open to coming back to the role.

In all likelihood, Eisenberg would be among the only returning cast members. After all, his Zuckerberg had essentially cut ties with all of the film’s other characters. Sorkin and Eisenberg may be willing to reunite for The Social Network 2. But there’s one other key part of the creative team who we’d want onboard too.

Director David Fincher could be the big holdout

Part of what makes The Social Network so compelling is how Fincher combines Sorkin’s script and Eisenberg’s performance. Throughout his career, Fincher has delivered some of the most popular thrillers of the past couple of decades. Films such as Seven, Fight Club, and Zodiac are modern classics because of how they ratchet up the tension.

A sequel to The Social Network would need Fincher to ensure it lives up to its predecessor. Given that first film’s stellar performance, that’s a high bar. Fincher has never made a sequel, aside from his debut feature Alien 3. So the material would have to be powerful enough to convince him to revisit that story.

The director also hasn’t been too active with movies these days. Instead, Fincher’s been focusing on Netflix series Mindhunter. However, his upcoming 2020 release, Mank, marks his first feature since 2014’s Gone Girl. So perhaps he’s more willing now to entertain the possibility of The Social Network 2. Keep refreshing your browser of choice for potential updates.