Duggars Gone Wild: Five Times the Duggar Kids Went Rogue

The Duggar kids first graced television screens in 2005 with an hour-long special. A lot has changed for the ultra-conservative Christian family since then. As the kids aged up, got married and started families of their own, parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar started to lose some control. There are several rebels in the Duggar family, so which Duggar offspring has gone entirely rogue?

Josh was living a double life for years

Regardless of an upbringing intended to make Josh a righteous man, the now 30-year-old father of five went utterly rogue. Not only did Joshua behave completely inappropriately towards his siblings and a family friend as a teen, but he spent much of his time in Washington D.C. living a double life.

By day, he acted as a poster child for the Family Research Council, a political ministry that is deeply rooted in the pro-life movement and committed to family values. By night, however, Josh was living out his party boy fantasies. Not only did he make an account on Ashley Madison, but he actively pursued affairs.

John doesn’t think he needs the same courtship rules

John, the second oldest son of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, is thankfully nothing like his big brother, but he still has skirted the Duggar clan rules in recent years. John decided to make his own decisions when it came to his courtship with his now wife, Abbie. Not only were the pair seen out and about unchaperoned, but John boy is reported to have gotten handsy with his then-girlfriend.

Physical affection is a big no-no for the Duggar kids who are unmarried, but John explained that he and Abbie are older and made their own rules. As a married couple, they are continuing to flip the family’s rules the bird. Abbie recently transferred her nursing license to Arkansas, leading fans to think the curly-haired fan favorite might plan to work even as a married woman.

Jinger told the family to stay in Arkansas

Following her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger put a moratorium on family visits At the time, Jinger was insistent that she wanted to spend the first six months of her marriage connecting with Jeremy. She apparently spent those six months shopping for jeans instead of making babies.

Not only did Jeremy and Jinger break free from the Duggar family, but they waited more than a year to announce their pregnancy. Jinger and Jeremy’s first child, Felicity was born in 2018, and she’s getting in on the love of jeans, too. The bouncing bundle of joy was spotted rocking a pair of skinny jeans recently.

Jill became the newest family member to break the rules

Jill Dillard became the black sheep of her family when her husband Derick Dillard got the entire family nixed from TLC, but Jill decided to stand by her man, a decision that evidently angered Jim Bob Duggar. The former goody-goody donned a pair of pants and got her nose pierced, two massive breaches of the Duggar family rules.

Dillard is the mother of two boys, and while she and Derick are among the most hated of the Duggars, they seem to be taking it all in stride. Jill is now blogging as a means of income, while her husband attends law school.

Jessa admitted to breaking the rules, too

While Jessa seems firmly entrenched in the Duggar family, that doesn’t mean she didn’t sneak around and break the rules while she was still living with her parents. Jim Bob and Michelle have strict rules for their daughters when they begin dating. One of the most significant rules is that they can’t have unsupervised communication with their suitor. Jessa figured there was no harm in conversation and admitted that she snuck away to have private conversations with Ben Seewald, who she married in 2014.

All is well that ends well, though. The couple appears to be enjoying married life. They are currently awaiting the arrival of their third child, and fans are excited to find out what they are planning on naming their newest edition. Spurgeon Elliot, their first child, has the most polarizing name in Duggar history.