11 Big Video Games Launching Next Week: ‘Far Cry’ and More

It seems like the year has just begun, but we’ve already gotten a handful of excellent games, including the hard-hitting brawler Street Fighter V, the devilishly puzzling game The Witness, and the thrilling adventure game Firewatch. As if that’s not enough, next week brings another heap of noteworthy titles from a variety of genres.

You can get prehistoric in Far Cry Primal, fend off zombies in The Walking Dead: Michonne, go retro with Mega Man, and more in the other games releasing the week of February 22. Read on to find out which games look the best to you.

1. Far Cry Primal

Releases February 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

The biggest title launching this week is Far Cry Primal, an action game that brings this modern-day series way back to the past – specifically, the year 10,000 B.C.E. In those days, humans were hunter-gatherers who lived in tribes and relied on each other to find food and resources to stay warm and fed. It was a rough life, and one players get to explore in this game about finding your missing tribe members in a dangerous world. If you happen to encounter a mastodon, tiger, or enemy tribe along the way, that’s just a part of life. Hope you remembered to sharpen your spear.

2. The Walking Dead: Michonne: Episode 1 — In Too Deep

Releases February 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360

Developer Telltale Games delivered a masterpiece with 2012’s Walking Dead: Season One. Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite dreadlocked zombie slasher to get an adventure game of her own. We haven’t seen many hints about the plot of this game that will release across three episodes, but the trailer suggests we’ll dive into Michonne’s past to see how she became the hardened survivor she is. You can also expect to make hard choices about who lives and dies, and to see plenty of zombies meet their ultimate end.

3. Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Releases February 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

The original Plants Vs. Zombies was a colorful strategy game about using weaponized plants to protect your homestead from shambling zombie hordes. Since plants aren’t big on mobility, you might not think the idea would translate very well into a shooter. You’d be wrong. Like the original 2013 game, this class-based shooter promises to bring fun and frivolity to the normally sober shooter genre. It could be just the breath of fresh air shooter fans need.

4. Mega Man Legacy Collection

Releases February 23 for Nintendo 3DS

From 1987 to 1993, the Mega Man series practically defined the action platforming genre on the NES. This collection brings all of those games to one cartridge, along with a slew of extra goodies, like concept art, enemy descriptions, challenges that remix segments of the games, and even screen filters that make it look like you’re playing on a CRT television. We loved the collection when it launched on other platforms last year and expect it to be a great fit on the 3DS.

5. Disgaea PC

Releases February 23 for PC

If you’re looking to spend hundreds of hours in a video game world, you could do much worse than pick up this classic turn-based strategy game. The Disgaea series is known for quirky humor and gameplay that’s deeper than the Atlantic Ocean. The games aren’t for everyone, with their steep learning curve and off-the-wall characters, but for the right type of gamer, they scratch an itch nothing else can. This is game that started it all, which makes it a perfect entry point for newcomers to the series.

6. Hitman Go: Definitive Edition

Releases February 23 for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

This game originally launched on mobile phones, but it should work perfectly well on Vita and PS4. It’s basically a board game in which you control the bald, barcoded Agent 47 as he sneaks around and assassinates unsuspecting bad guys. There’s nothing else quite like it, and thanks to its laid-back gameplay, you don’t even have to be a fan of the Hitman series to enjoy it.

7. Ninja Senki DX

Releases February 23 for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC

If you’re looking for some serious retro-style action, Ninja Senki DX is ready to give it to you. Clearly inspired by classics of the NES era, this game has you jump through side-scrolling levels, collecting coins and dispatching enemies with ninja stars. There might not be much to it compared to some of the other releases, but not everyone has the time to launch into an epic 40-hour game. Sometimes a quick blast from the past is exactly what you need.

8. The Ship: Remasted

Releases February 22 for PC

Regular readers will remember this game, which was supposed to launch this week but was delayed at the last minute. In this refreshingly cruel multiplayer game, you and other players are passengers on a ship. Each person is assigned one of the others as a target to kill. Your job is to kill your target before the person hunting you turns you into a corpse.

The game adds several layers of complexity to this basic premise, like the need to sleep and socialize, as well as security guards that will thwart your murderous plans if they see your weapon. This game originally launched in 2006 as a free Half-Life 2 mod. This update polishes it up for a whole new audience of potential murderers.

9. The Flame and the Flood

Releases February 24 for Xbox One and PC

This post-apocalyptic survival game looks and sounds great, with an eye-catching art style and a somber soundtrack. You play as a girl with a dog who travels a flooded future version of America, seeking out food and shelter while fending off wild animals. Watch the trailer above to see if its unique style appeals to you.

10. Assassin’s Creed Identity

Releases February 25 for iOS

This isn’t the first Assassin’s Creed game on iOS, but it’s the first one that plays like its console counterparts. While it originally launched in Australia as a free-to-play game in 2014, developer Ubisoft has revamped it as a $4.99 download for its worldwide release. If the game is as good as the previous version, it should be an excellent addition to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

11. Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow

Releases February 27 for Nintendo 3DS

For the first time in years, we didn’t get a new core Pokémon game last fall. Nintendo is making it up to fans with the digital re-release of the games that kicked off the blockbuster series in 1998. Seeing as they’re faithful ports of the Game Boy originals, they look charmingly retro compared to recent entries. But they have at least one new trick up their sleeve: You can battle other players online. That means you can throw away your Game Boy link cable and never look back. That alone makes them worth the price for Poké-fans.

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