Peter Griffin and 11 Other Dumbest TV Show Characters of All Time

There are many cliches that we see on television. One of the most common is the dumb character. For some reason this character is one step behind all the others. They don’t pick up on jokes and often become the joke for the audience. They also usually end up with certain traits.

Fathers tend to be dumb on television only for their wives or someone else to come in to save them from themselves. Attractive blonde women also are portrayed as dim and naive. There are the young men who are either very attractive and therefore rely on their looks. Or they’re very unattractive and overweight. So after years of having these characters, which are the dumbest of all time? Here are 12 that had us laughing the most at their stupidity.

12. Woody Boyd – Cheers


Source: Paramount Television

Woody Harrelson basically has this character to thank for his career. Woody Boyd worked at the iconic Boston bar starting Season 4, but sometimes it seems crazy that he was able to keep his job. He was easily tricked by prank callers. He was also usually the only one who didn’t get a joke in a scene. Funnily enough, the character was voted the smartest student in his high school, which probably says a lot about his hometown.

11. Kelly Bundy – Married…With Children

Married with Children

Source: Columbia Pictures Television

The family sitcom showed Ed O’Neill playing a father who has two kids. One is a son that is dysfunctional, and the other is a daughter that probably made it into many fans’ dreams. Christina Applegate played a hot, but dim, character. The blonde often complained about her family and mispronounced words. She also really relied on her looks. Although she worked as a rock video vixen, talk show hostess, and a waitress, she said, “God did not create this package to work.”

10. Gene Belcher – Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers

Source: Wilo Productions

The cartoon shows a father named Bob running a restaurant with his wife and three kids. The youngest Belcher kid might not get a lot of shine, but when you do notice him, you’re laughing. He loves putting on new costumes and playing his keyboard. He’s also terrible at helping out at the restaurant and will serve food he dropped on the ground to customers. At least he has the excuse of just being a kid for his dumb moments.

9. Rose Nylund – The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls

Source: NBC

The classic show follows four women living together. All of them had different personalities, and Rose happened to be the dumb one. She loves telling long stories that make zero sense. A lot of them involved her past of growing up on a farm in St. Olaf. This and her naivety leads her into trouble like being barred from working at the suicide hotline. She once revealed when she did work there she had the highest rates of suicides at the center!

8. Randy Hickey – My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl

Source: 20th Century Fox Television

The show follows Earl, a lottery winner who tries to right all his wrongs. He also has a little brother who he mistreated as a child. Randy is an easy target because he’s not smart and pretty clumsy. He comes up with bad ideas like breeding weiner dogs and cats so he’s definitely better off with his brother’s help. However he is also helping Earl become a better person by going through his list of misdeeds.

7. Brittany S. Pierce – Glee


Source: Ryan Murphy Productions

The musical show followed a high school glee club that was a mix of different people. Brittany is a stereotypical dumb blonde cheerleader, but she does get an interesting story arc when it comes to her sexuality. During her journey, we find out she cheats off mentally disabled students, she doesn’t know her right from her left, she doesn’t know how to follow a recipe, and for some reason she kept a bird in her locker. She was the secret weapon on the show and often was the comedic relief saying something crazy to get other characters’ reactions.

6. Joey Tribbiani – Friends


Source: Warner Bros.

The actor who will eat pretty much anything doesn’t have much of a head on his shoulders. He’s his own worst enemy and lost his soap opera job by claiming to write his own lines. He forgets the names of the women he’s dating and doesn’t have a large vocabulary. However he’s a good friend, and he’s always there for when others need him. After the run of Friends, the character got its own spin off show with Joey. But the silly character didn’t do quite well without being balanced out by his much more sane costars.

5. Kevin Malone – The Office

The Office

Source: NBC Universal Television

This character is pretty funny with his cookie monster voice alone, but on top of that he’s not too bright. He’s often saying inappropriate things to the women in the office and never knowing why it’s wrong. He was so excited when the office got a paper shredder that he ended up shredding his own credit card and salad. He does however has his small victories, like being good at basketball and poker. So that makes him one of the few on the list that isn’t a total goof.

4. Michael Kelso – That ’70s Show

That '70s Show

Source: 20th Century Fox Television

The comedy followed a group of teenagers during the ’70s in Wisconsin. Kelso pretty much knows where his strength lies, and that’s his looks, but his knowledge ends there. He’s often doing stupid stuff like gluing himself to a refrigerator. He also failed the first grade because he refused to write in cursive and sadly killed the class pet. Well, we can’t win them all, right?

3. Phil Dunphy – Modern Family

Modern Family

Source: 20th Century Fox Television

Phil is another dumb TV dad to make the list, but his lack in intelligence tends to be harmless. Phil goes into parenthood with the goal of being one of his son’s idiot friends. He’s also full of bad ideas like creating violent viral videos with his son and tightrope walking in his front yard. He’s also never truly understanding what he’s saying, which makes him hilarious.

2. Peter Griffin – Family Guy

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

The Seth MacFarlane comedy has strange characters, but also uses this cliche. Peter might be the father of his family, but he is by far the dumbest — unlike his genius baby. He constantly falls and hurts himself from doing crazy stunts. He’s easily distracted and will crash his car if it means he gets to look at his comics. Basically he is constantly putting his life in danger, and it’s a miracle he’s made it this far.

1. Homer – The Simpsons

Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

Source: 20th Century Fox Television

Of course the dumbest character who has the longest running show would top the list! You can’t expect much from a character who has “d’oh!” as a catch phrase. The father is always misunderstanding other people, getting hurt, and is easily tricked. He’s pretty much always endangering himself and his family, but he’s probably the most loved character on television since the show is close to reaching 30 seasons.

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