’13 Reasons Why’ Leak May Reveal Who Killed Bryce Walker in Season 3

13 Reasons Why will venture into the land of murder mysteries come season three. Walking its grieving adolescents — all harboring various traumas and diverse internal conflicts — into an untraversed territory, the show will abandon its previously suicide-oriented themes in favor of a suspenseful whodunnit. 

'13 Reasons Why' Cast
’13 Reasons Why’ Cast | Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images

Following the preview for season three of 13 Reasons Why, one question remains on everyone’s mind: who killed Bryce Walker? The trailer opens with Deputy Standall at the scene of a crime and closes with Bryce Walker’s funeral. During the funeral, Bryce’s mother begs the children for information, and we see an anxious Clay Jenson (Dylan Minnette) look up and open his mouth — as if he is about to speak — before the screen cuts to black. 

If there’s one thing 13 Reasons Why has mastered, it’s the art of suspense. However, for those of you who enjoy reading information about the fallout of events before Netflix releases the show, this post may reveal the show’s biggest secret. So, leave now if you do not want to know who may have killed Bryce Walker.

*spoilers ahead*

Recent spottings of the cast during filming suggest that one main cast member killed Bryce in season 3 of ‘13 Reasons Why’

Redditers have been discussing recent sighting and possible plot trajectories concerning the upcoming season of 13 Reasons Why for months. However, one post, in particular, may hold some vital information. One month ago, a Reddit user started a thread concerning 13 Reasons Why under the title “Season 3 Theory…Could There Be a Murder?” 

After discussing the heavy police involvement on the IMDb page, leading the fan to believe a criminal investigation would be afoot, the user notes:

“Dylan was spotted in an orange jumpsuit on the last day of filming.”

Dylan undoubtedly refers to Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay Jensen: the main protagonist in 13 Reasons Why. If anyone has a motive, it’s the boy who genuinely fell for Hannah, and often views her suicide as a failure on his behalf. However, is it too obvious? The Reddit user goes on to note the fact that Dylan will turn 18 in the upcoming season; meaning, he would not wind up in juvenile detention, and his arrest would be all the more severe. 

There’s a possibility that he’s wrongfully arrested, the show did not film in chronological order, and the real culprit is revealed later on in the series. However, one other option remains possible, and it would be one of the most captivating narrative choices (if executed properly). 

What if ‘13 Reasons Why’ goes for a ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ type plotline in season three? 

Murder on the Orient Express — one of Agatha Christie’s most well-known murder mysteries — is celebrated for its complex narrative execution, as multiple interconnected people wind up responsible for the main murder. 

Connected though pasts, familial bonds, and more, those who partake in the murder are part a highly planned act.  In an attempt to prevent any singular individual from getting caught, they contrive an elaborate plan nearly impossible to trace back to one.

Given that this is 13 Reasons Why, and the cast is full of teenagers, adjustments for believability purposes would have to be made. However, it is possible that more than one person is involved in a less elaborate plan. 

During the trailer, we see a girl wiping something covered in blood; in another moment, we see a few main cast members suspiciously get into a car and exit the crime scene. Is the trailer trying to hint that more that one person will come into play as a culprit? Dylan may have been spotted in an orange jumpsuit, but is he the one (or the only one) accountable? 

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