’13 Reasons Why’ To End With Season 4

Netflix’s controversial teen drama, 13 Reasons Why, is set to return to this month after being on hiatus for a year. After a widely panned and hated season two that dealt with the court case between the school and Hannah’s mom, Olivia, and edits to season one’s suicide scene, the show is taking things in a new direction.

Based on the newly released trailer, season three will be a murder mystery centered on the death of Bryce Walker, who in my friend’s words, was a rapist so who cares? That seems to be the reigning sentiment towards a character who relished being evil and only received a few months of probation for his crimes.  

In spite of 13 Reasons Why being so controversial, the series was renewed for season four. Unresolved trauma, secrets, and grief have driven the story, but what should fans make of the next two seasons?

Cast of '13 Reasons Why'
’13 Reasons Why’ cast at Raleigh Studios on June 1, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. | Getty Images/Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Season four will finally end the story

Though viewers and critics have mixed feelings on the necessity of a third season, it was recently confirmed that Netflix has renewed 13 Reasons Why for a fourth and final season. According to Variety, production is already underway and the story will shift to a timeline involving the group’s graduation.

Since season two, the show has deviated from the novel, creating entirely original plots and storylines. No other details have been released about how the series will end, but given where season three is headed, the violent tendencies of some of these characters—like Montgomery, Tyler, or a new character—could be explored.

It’s also not unreasonable to think that the secrets will come undone and Hannah’s tapes will be exposed to those weren’t aware of their existence. With those possibilities, fans should not be shocked if someone ends up in jail or dead, or even redeemed.

Additionally, Hannah’s story wrapped up and with confirmation from actress Katherine Langford that the character won’t be in season three, there are many questions surrounding how things will end in season four. Langford told Entertainment Weekly she felt Hannah’s story was fully told in season one, and season two gave her peace.

Netflix is heavily promoting the series

For season three, viewers won’t get much closure as it opens up a new can of worms with Bryce’s death. Venturing into Riverdale-like territory, the show’s third season trailer does much of its talking:


However, Netflix wants to get fans ready for the new mystery with its “Who Killed Bryce Walker” mobile app that allows fans to interact with Deputy Standall, Polygon reports. If you use it, you might also encounter Bryce’s mom who has her own questions about the case.

The caper lines things up for anybody to be a suspect: Clay, Tyler, newcomer Ani, or anyone else. One detail that was revealed is that there are no suicides this season. Along with promoting part three, Netflix continues to point viewers to mental health and crisis resources. A trigger warning will also stay attached to the show.

13 Reasons Why will return with new episodes on August 23. Season two did not go down well with audiences (just check out Rotten Tomatoes) so devoted fans are hoping the show will be better this time and end on a note that makes sense and brings closure for everyone.