14 New Movies Hitting Theaters This September

September is bringing a ton of noteworthy movies to theaters, including a wide-ranging mix of romantic comedies, action thrillers, and the latest book-to-film adaptations. Here are 14 must-see movies you can catch on the big screen this month.

The Identical

This upcoming drama follows a pair of identical twins after they were separated at birth by parents who couldn’t afford to raise both during the Great Depression. Despite their separation, the twins — both played by Blake Rayne — end up living parallel lives, even in very different surroundings. While one becomes a famous rock star, the other struggles to pursue his own love for music under the watchful eyes of his evangelist parents (Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd), who want nothing more than their son to join the ministry. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on September 5.

Dolphin Tale 2

The follow-up to the 2011 film once again features several returning cast members, including Harry Connick, Jr., Ashley Judd, Nathan Gamble, Morgan Freeman, and Austin Stowell, among others. The film — once again based on true events from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium — follows the team of people who helped save Winter’s life as they try find her a new companion after the death of the dolphin’s surrogate mother. Enter Hope, a new baby dolphin who also lost her mother and needs a comforting figure. The sequel will premiere on September 12.

No Good Deed

This crime thriller follows a former District Attorney turned devoted stay-at-home mom (Taraji P. Henson) and her young children, whose idyllic life takes a dark and dramatic turn when a handsome but mysterious stranger (Idris Elba) sweet talks his way into their home after suffering from supposed car trouble. Unfortunately, she quickly learns no good deed goes unpunished when he shows himself to be a terrorizing and psychotic criminal. The mom and her family are then left fighting for their lives. The movie will is scheduled to make its debut on September 12.

The Skeleton Twins

Saturday Night Live co-stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader reunite in this dramedy in which they play depressed twins, Maggie and Milo, who are forced to reunite after a decade of estrangement due to extreme circumstances. Maggie is struggling to stay on the same page with her husband Lance (Luke Wilson), who desperately wants kids. Meanwhile, Milo is a gay man dealing with a non-existent acting career and the aftermath of a tumultuous relationship with a former lover (Ty Burrell). The movie opens in limited release on September 12 before expanding on September 19.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (originally entitled Them) is actually the combination of two films, Him and Her, both directed by Ned Benson and starring Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy. The two flicks follow the same time period in the lives of Connor Ludlow and Eleanor Rigby, a young married couple living in New York. However, each are told from different perspectives, with Him following the relationship from Connor’s angle and Her following Eleanor’s. The Disappearance is a condensed version of both stories and will open in theaters on September 12. Meanwhile, the full version will hit limited theaters on October 10.

A Walk Among the Tombstones

Liam Neeson returns to the big screen with his latest action flick, as former NYPD cop and unlicensed private investigator Matt Scudder. The movie, based on the book by Lawrence Block, follows Scudder as works just outside the law and treads some murky ethical waters by helping a pair of drug dealers search for the assailants that killed their wives. But while looking for the monsters responsible, Block stops just short of becoming a serious criminal himself. The movie is set to hit theaters on September 19.

The Maze Runner

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the film follows Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) after he’s deposited in a community of boys with no memory of how he got there. Trapped in the maze, he’s forced to team up with his fellow “runners” and search for any clues that may lead him to remember his identity or find a way to escape. The movie is based on the first book of James Dashner’s hit YA trilogy of the same name. The adaptation will make its big screen debut on September 19.


Inspired by an incredible true story, this movie follows a group of London-based gay and lesbian activists as they try to raise money and lend their support to the 1984 strike, led by workers in the National Union of Mineworkers. The strikers, who don’t want to be associated with the gay and lesbian community, initially rebuff the group. But as the strike drags on, the two groups realize that uniting forces makes for more powerful a statement than standing apart. You can catch the movie in theaters starting September 19.

This Is Where I Leave You

The movie, based on Jonathan Tropper’s book of the same name, follows the story of four siblings, who are forced to reunite at their childhood home in order to sit shiva after their father’s recent death. Jason Bateman stars as main protagonist, Judd Altman, who recently caught his wife cheating on him with his boss. The movie also features Tina Fey as unhappily married mom Wendy Altman, Adam Driver as the family’s black sheep Phillip Altman, and Corey Stoll as Paul Altman, the no-nonsense brother who takes on the family business. The movie is set to hit theaters on September 19.


The upcoming horror dramedy, written and directed by Kevin Smith, follows the story of podcaster Wallace Bryton who goes missing in the backwoods of Manitoba while interviewing a mysterious worldwide adventurer, Howard Howe. The movie stars Michael Parks, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Génesis Rodríguez, and Johnny Depp. The movie is the first in Smith’s True North Trilogy, which will also feature the recently announced adventure flick Yoga Hosers. It will premiere for the first time at the Toronto Film Festival before making its official debut in theaters on September 19.

Hector and the Search for Happiness

This British rom-com, based on François Lelord’s novel of the same name, stars Simon Pegg as Hector, a psychiatrist who has become increasingly tired is his own life. He tells his girlfriend Clara (Rosamund Pike) that he feels like a fraud doling out advice when he can’t even find satisfactions in his own life. So he embarks on a global quest in hopes of uncovering the secret to happiness. The movie opens in limited theaters on September 19 before expanding on October 3.


This upcoming thriller flick follows an American couple who travel to Puerto Rico to finalize an adoption and pick up their seven-year-old adopted daughter, Nina. But things take an alarming turn when Nina suddenly vanishes from a hotel room one night. As the couple struggles to figure out what happened, they begin to uncover a complex web of lies and their relationship starts to seriously unravel. The movie stars John Cusack, Rachelle Lefevre, Ryan Phillippe, Jacki Weaver, and Luis Guzman. It’s scheduled for release on September 19.

The Boxtrolls

The upcoming stop motion animated film, based on the novel Here Be Monsters!, follows the story of orphaned boy Eggs (voiced by Isaac Hempstead-Wright) who was raised by cave-dwelling trolls called the Boxtrolls. When the Boxtrolls are targeted by an exterminator named Archibald Snatcher (Ben Kingsley), Eggs has to concoct a plan to save his family. The movie also features the voices of Elle Fanning, Toni Collette, Jared Harris, Simon Pegg, and Tracy Morgan, among others. Audiences will be able to catch it in theaters starting on September 26.

The Equalizer

The upcoming action thriller, based on the TV series of the same name, stars Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, a solitary ex-special operations agent who works at a small home improvement store by day but also devotes himself to helping victims of criminals whenever he can. While dining at a local diner during his off time, he befriends Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), a girl who is nearly killed by members of the Russian mob. He soon takes it upon himself to protect her and face off against the gangsters. The movie will hit theaters on September 26.

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