15 Reasons Why Fox News Is Donald Trump’s Safe Space

President Donald Trump isn’t exactly having a smooth presidency. Just one year in, the 71-year-old has become embattled in Twitter wars, hit with lawsuits and harassment allegations, dealt with a revolving door of unqualified staff, been exposed as a racist, and to put the cherry on top, he’s barely gotten anything done. Still, despite the fact that America often seems on the verge of imploding, Fox News can be counted on to lift Trump up as their savior, touting him as the most beloved and glorious POTUS they’ve ever seen. For those of us who actually pay attention to what’s going on, it’s been baffling to experience.

So why does Fox News insist on uplifting the president? Here are 15 reasons why Fox News is Trump’s safe space.

1. A frequent and enthusiastic guest

Trump revealed his budget plan on Fox & Friends

Trump revealed his budget plan on Fox & Friends | Fox News

Before June 2015, when Trump announced his presidential campaign, he was a frequent guest on the conservative network. In fact, it’s where he launched his birther campaign against President Barack Obama.

Since then, Fox has been loyal to Trump and in turn, he has urged his millions of Twitter followers to tune into the network. We all know how he’s obsessed with loyalty.

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2. Directionless

Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes | Fox News

We all know that Trump isn’t the best when it comes to following directions or going with tradition, which means Fox News post-Roger Ailes is perfect for him. There is no one at Fox right now to develop storylines that the commentators should follow, so they usually dig up stories from the depths of the internet and spew nonsense.

An anonymous Fox News host told Vanity Fair, “There’s absolutely no direction.”

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3. High praise

Geraldo Rivera posing at an NBC event

Geraldo Rivera gave Trump this major compliment. | Angela Weiss/Stringer/Getty Images

More than being the President of the United States, Trump adores praise and glory. With many folks in Hollywood turning their back on the once popular businessman he looks to Fox News to keep him uplifted. When he announced his bid for president, much to the horror of many of us, his friends at Fox quickly stood behind him.

Geraldo Rivera tweeted that he was “more competent, creative, tough, experienced and bold” than any other candidate. Competent and experienced seems like a stretch, don’t you think?

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4. Seeking approval

Donald Trump making his debate face

President Trump is apparently the person to impress at Fox News. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

When Ailes was alive and in charge, Fox News hosts were desperate to have his approval. Now, it seems like Trump has taken Ailes’ place. A veteran Fox correspondent told Vanity Fair, “When you worked at Fox, you knew that at any moment Roger Ailes was watching. Every day was like a job interview with Ailes. Now it’s the same way for Trump.”

A former Fox anchor continued, “What he usually does is he’ll call after a show and say, ‘I really enjoyed that.’ The highest compliment is, ‘I really learned something.’ Then you know he got a new policy idea.”

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5. A typical Fox viewer

Sean Hannity Fox News

Any time Trump and Fox can attack liberals, they do. | Fox News

Fox News has been extremely successful because its viewers and Trump supporters are one in the same. A former Fox anchor explained, “He has the same embattled view as a typical Fox viewer—that the liberal elites hate me; they’re trying to bring me down.”

We just wish everyone understood that feelings and facts are two different things.

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6. Clinton mania

Trump stands behind Clinton during the third presidential debate with people behind him

Trump continues to talk about Clinton long after the election. | Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images

Despite his win over Hillary Clinton, Trump can’t quite seem to shake his obsession with her. In fact, over the course of his time in office, he has tweeted about her over 70 times. Apparently anything anti-Hillary also brings in massive numbers for Fox News.

A Fox staffer spoke to Vanity Fair saying, “The audience eats up anything about Hillary.”

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7. Actual fake news

Donald Trump tweet about Sweden

He had no problem shifting the blame about this fake news. | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

Trump loves to shout “fake news” whenever an actual journalist reports anything that doesn’t paint him in a favorable light. In fact, the real fake news reporters seem to be on FOX since they’ve continued to drag out conspiracy theories and things that never actually occurred as news stories.

In Feb. 2017, Trump tweeted about a terrorist attack in Sweden that never happened. When people pointed it out, he pushed the blame on to Fox News saying, “My statement as to what’s happening in Sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on @FoxNews concerning immigrants & Sweden.”

Fox happily took the blame.

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8. Unloading Trump’s critics

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly composite

Kelly (right), who is not a fan of Trump (left), parted ways with Fox after he took office. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Before he got really deep into his campaign, Fox News did seem to report on Trump more fairly. Some of his biggest critics were George Will, Rich Lowry, and of course Megyn Kelly. Since then, those commenters have left the network, and we’ve been stuck with Trump lovers like Seb Gorka, Laura Ingraham, and Mark Levin.

As a Fox executive explained, “The network has become a safe space for Trump fans.”

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9. Anti-Obama

Donald Trump and Obama

Trump has never had good things to say about his predecessor in office. | Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

We all know that Fox News wasn’t exactly a fan of former President Barack Obama. Though Obama was a democrat and often more left-leaning, many feel that Fox’s issues with Obama were more grounded in racism than anything else. Since Trump’s presidential legacy is in actual shambles in comparison to Obama’s, he’s used every opportunity to try and disparage his predecessor, even if that means making himself look foolish.

In March 2017, Trump claimed that Obama had wiretapped him during the campaign despite there being zero evidence of that having occurred. It got so out of hand that both Fox and The White House had to eventually back away from the claims.

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10. Neither fair nor balanced

Fox News studios in New York City.

Fox has embraced Trump’s leadership since the election. | John Lamparski/Getty Images

It’s one thing for a network to be right-wing based or conservative leaning, but the first rule in journalism is to be fair and balanced. Back in the day, Fox News was pretty balanced. They even toned down their extensive Tea Party coverage during Obama’s first term.

However, that has obviously gone out the window in the age of Trump. In the eyes of Fox News, he can do no wrong.

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11. All of the conspiracies in the world

Glenn Beck misspelled "oligarchy" on Fox News

Glenn Beck misspelled “oligarchy” on Fox News in one of the most ridiculous conspiracies regarding Obama. | rlinsurf via YouTube

As children, we make things up when we’re bored, or things aren’t going our way. Fox News does the same. Some outlandish things have come out of Fox News hosts’ mouths. It’s baffling that they are going so far to try and validate someone who is unqualified to be the president anyway.

Currently, they’re trying to convince their viewers that the F.B.I. is out to get Trump.

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12. State television

Mike Pence on the set of Fox & Friends

Why is Trump’s administration so friendly with the Fox & Friends hosts? | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

One thing that’s most baffling about Trump’s administration is that he seems desperate to return to the dark ages, and for whatever reason Fox News continues to promote that agenda. Not everyone at the network is thrilled about Fox’s close connection with POTUS.

One staffer told Vanity Fair:“It’s freaky to see him tweeting at Fox & Friends. That doesn’t help us. We’re not state television.”

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13. Job hunting

Judge Jeanine Pirro on Justice with Judge Jeanine

Pirro is looking to become one of Trump’s administration. | Fox News

It looks like things might not be so cut and dry when it comes to the folks at Fox backing up Trump. Apparently, some of them just really want a job in Washington, D.C.

Jeanine Pirro reportedly once said, “I really want a job in this administration.”

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14. Fun distractions

Fox News reporting on Reese's candy

On Oct. 30, 2017, Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, faced indictment charges. Fox reported on Halloween candy. | Fox News

As we’ve stated, Trump’s time as president hasn’t exactly been stellar. From horrific approval ratings to the Mueller investigation, he will literally do (or tweet) anything to distract us from his failings.

Fox News also likes to avoid the negative when it comes to Trump. They once even talked about Halloween candy instead of the Russia investigation.

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15. A mutually beneficial relationship

Trump and O'Reilly

Trump and Bill O’Reilly’s friendship is important in order for both men to maintain their positions. | Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

If Mueller’s investigation does, in fact, find that Trump and his administration colluded with Russia, we have no idea what Fox News is going to cover. Without Trump, they’re going to have to find another figure to prop up.

Trump also needs Fox News — without them, his ratings might be even worse than they are now.

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