15 Years After the ‘Friends’ Final Season Guest Stars Reveal What it was like Working with the Famous Friends

In December 2018 Netflix penned a $100 million dollar deal with WarnerMedia to keep Friends on the streaming service. The show first became available on the platform in 2015, and since then it has consistently been one of the most streamed shows available on Netflix. The loveable characters, replay value, and binge potential have brought the 1990s NBC sitcom to an entirely new audience. Now, the guest stars from the show’s 10-year run are speaking out about the behind the scenes antics of the cast. So, do the friends have any deep dark secrets?

Vincent Ventresca desperately wanted to be friends with Ross

Fun Bobby dated Monica on two occasions, and by all accounts, the characters on the show were desperate to be his friend, but for Vincent Ventresca, the actor that played the role, it wasn’t so easy to get everyone to like him.

Ventresca told The Guardian that he was excited at the chance to buddy up to David Schwimmer, but apparently, Schwimmer was not taking applications for new pals. Ventresca told the paper “he was the one most not interesting in meeting anyone.”

While he didn’t score a long-lasting friendship with Ross Geller, Ventresca still receives residuals for his two appearances on the hit show. He recieves around $2,000 a year for the two episodes he appeared in.

Paget Brewster speaks publicly about the Friends cast’s on-set antics

Paget Brewster took on the role of Joey’s girlfriend, Kathy. She appeared in several episodes and served as a point of conflict between Joey and Chandler, but she told E! that the cast were fantastic friends on and off the set. She noted that they genuinely enjoyed making fun of each other and spent most of their time between takes joking around.

Brewster also revealed that the running joke of falling asleep while another character is talking was a real running joke with the cast long before it ever made it onto the show. Schwimmer’s character was the most common victim of the prank on screen, but off screen, all the cast members fell victim to the gag.

Jane Sibbet reveals that the ladies of Friends had great chemistry

Jane Sibbett, the actress who took on the role of Carol Willick, also spoke to The Guardian about her time on the set of Friends. She fondly remembers Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox all splashing in a puddle outside of the studio on her first day of filming. She remembers thinking that the chemistry between the actresses would ensure the show was a success, and she was right.

Are the Friends still friends today?

While the Friends cast were great real-life pals during the show’s run, it appears that some of those friendships have cooled over the years. When Jennifer Aniston married Justin Theroux in 2015, only two of her six co-stars were present at the ceremony.

Matthew Perry and Matt Le Blanc weighed in saying they were both glad she had found love, but just did not receive an invitation to the wedding. Aniston has never spoken publicly about why her castmates were left off the guest list.  Aniston and Theroux quietly separated in 2017.

While Le Blanc, Perry, and Schwimmer may have been left off of Aniston’s guest list, it doesn’t appear the cast harbors any ill will towards each other. Cox, Aniston, and Kudrow remain close, and every cast member seems to remember their time together fondly.

Le Blanc, Perry, Schwimmer, Cox, Kudrow, and Aniston have all gone on to have successful careers following the show, and that is the best that the friends can ask for. Perhaps it’s time for a reunion of everyone’s favorite friends.

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