16 Pilots That Will Attempt to Fly on NBC

Here’s a look at the new shows that will be vying for full season pick-ups on NBC next season. Overall, the network is looking to pick up around 12 comedy pilots and eight dramas to choose from for next season, and here’s what NBC has gotten so far.

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1. Untitled Monica Potter series

The network just announced that it has ordered a pilot that will star Parenthood star Monica Potter, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This announcement comes just as Parenthood is set to end on January 29. Potter will play a woman trying to balance her family life and her three ex-husbands as she tries to start dating again, which proves to be more difficult than she’d expected. Ellen DeGeneres will executive produce under her production company A Very Good Production.

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2. Sharing

This single-camera half-hour workplace comedy will be produced by Jimmy Fallon and written by The Mindy Project’s Jeremy Bronson, The Hollywood Reporter says. It will follow the activities of different groups of people working together in a shared office space. Shared office spaces are becoming more common, as people are more and more frequently working online jobs remotely and seeking work spaces aside from their homes, so it makes sense that this new territory could be mined for comedy.

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3. Blindspot

This drama comes from superhero show creator Greg Berlanti, who is responsible for the highly successful CW efforts Arrow and The Flash. According to Deadline, the show will be about a beautiful woman who’s discovered naked in Times Square with tattoos covering her entire body but no memories of her past. Those tattoos are the clues to unlocking a massive conspiracy theory and the truth about her identity, so the FBI takes interest in her case right away to “follow the road map on her body to reveal a larger conspiracy of crime.”

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4. Unveiled

NBC is putting some faith into spirituality-based entertainment, picking up this show from Mark Burnett and Roma Downey about a group of flawed guardian angels that intervene in the lives of the living people they’re supposed to protect in order to restore the peoples’ faith and often save their lives, Deadline reports. The premise is very similar to the show that made Downey famous, Touched By an Angel. In addition to the scripted drama Unveiled, the pair will produce a sequel to the successful miniseries The Bible that they produced for History. The followup on NBC will be called A.D.

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5. Heart Matters

This hourlong medical drama will be produced by Private Practice and Judging Amy’s Amy Brenneman, and is based on the memoir of the same title by female heart surgeon, Dr. Kathy Magliato. Described as a “medical soap,” the show will follow a character based on Magliato, who is one of the only female heart transplant surgeons, as she uses unique ways to approach patient care and balances her personal and professional life. Deadline said that the medical drama was the “hottest hourlong genre” of pitch season this time around, so NBC wanted to make sure it had at least one new show in that category.

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6. Endgame

The network is also jumping on the sniper craze started by the Clint Eastwood movie American Sniper with this drama-thriller about a military sniper who is wrongfully accused of murdering his wife, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In order to clear his name, he begins working for a group of powerful people to use his sharp-shooting skills to stop high-stakes crimes before they happen. Meanwhile, he’ll also try to avenge his wife’s death and figure out the conspiracy going on with his mysterious employers.

The show comes from Leverage co-creator John Roger and the producers of fellow drama-thriller The Blacklist (the producers and actors of which are pictured above), which NBC is giving a big push in its second season by running just after the Super Bowl. Given how much attention and money American Sniper has gotten, capitalizing on the interest with a show about a sniper is a smart movie for NBC.

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7. The Curse of the Fuentes Women

The creator of Ugly Betty, Silvio Horta, has created another series about Latina women, The Hollywood Reporter writes. This drama also has aspects of the Latin American literary tradition of magical realism, as it’s about a “magical and mysterious” man who crawls out of the ocean and reignites the passions of the women in the Fuentes family. Three generations of women live together, including the beautiful and lonely Lola; her daughter, Soledad; and her elderly and ill mother, Esperanza. It seems like NBC has paid attention to the success that the CW has had with Jane the Virgin and so is trying a series in a similar vein.

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8.Love Is a Four Letter Word

Created by Blue Bloods (pictured above) producer and writer Diana Son, this drama is another example of networks being forced to include more diversity in their programming, as shows about people from different backgrounds have proven to perform well. This show will look at what happens when “race, sexuality, and gender roles collide” as three couples from diverse backgrounds test the limits of modern marriage, THR reports. No news yet on who the stars will be, but the success of shows like Jane the Virgin, Blackish, Empire, and everything Shonda Rhimes does are certainly reasons NBC is looking at a series with this sort of subject matter.

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9. Warrior

The first drama pilot that NBC picked up for the upcoming season is a martial arts drama from Crossbones (pictured above) co-executive producer David DiGilio, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show will be female-led and about a troubled young heroine who must use her martial arts skills to bring an international crime lord to justice with the help of her martial arts master. The world in which the show takes place is contemporary, multicultural, and magical. THR said that AMC is also readying its own competing martial arts drama, called Badlands.

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10. Jerrod Carmichael comedy

NBC’s first comedy pilot was a show based on the stand-up routines of comedian Jerrod Carmichael, THR reported last year. Carmichael will star in and co-write the show, which will explore his relationships with his family and his girlfriend. His co-writer will be Nick Stoller, who Carmichael worked with on the comedy hit of last year, Neighbors. This show has actually been around since last pilot season, when it failed to get picked up. Since then, Carmichael has gotten more famous via the role in Neighbors, as well as in a comedy special directed by Spike Lee. The show has already been begun filming.

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11. People Are Talking

This multi-camera comedy is another show among the string of diverse projects NBC is interested in this pilot season. From Growing Up Fischer creator DJ Nash and The Wedding Ringer producer Will Packer, the show will be about a black and a white couple, and promises to look at sex, race, and “everything your parents told you never to talk about,” Deadline says. The premise sounds pretty similar to Love Is a Four Letter Word, so even though one is a drama and one is a comedy, they might not both survive the cut unless they differentiate themselves enough.

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12. Take It From Us

NBC seems to be willing to take a risk on a romantic comedy despite the slew of shows from that genre that were cancelled last season. This show comes from Friends and How I Met Your Mother’s Greg Malins, Deadline reports. It will be about a couple who relates the story of their courtship during the ‘90s in New York City to their son in the hopes that he and his fiancée can avoid some of their mistakes. Like HIMYM, the story will be told mostly in flashbacks. While the rom-com format was a flop last season, Malins’s pedigree between two of the most successful shows from that genre make Take It From Us a little more likely to take off.

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13. How We Live

This half-hour comedy from Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley is based on those writers’ observations of their own families live, Deadline writes. The show will follow a blogger who moves to the suburbs with his wife and begins writing about marriage and their suburban neighbors in the style of an anthropologist observing a foreign tribe. Bradley and Cragg have worked together on the sitcoms Scrubs (pictured above) and Happy Endings.

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14. Superstore

This show comes from The Office writer Justin Spitzer, will be directed by Ruben Fleischer, and will follow the exploits of a group of people working not in an office but in a big-box store, Deadline says. The show will be about love and friendship and the everyday, similar to many workplace comedies. The setting of the big-box store will hopefully add some freshness to the genre of the workplace comedy.

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15. Untitled from Hot in Cleveland creator

This currently untitled project from Hot in Cleveland creator Suzanne Martin will be about how things get crazy for recent empty nesters when both their children and their parents move back home. Martin wrote the show and will be producing as Hot in Cleveland ends its six-season run on TV Land. Deadline writes that Martin will be again working with Hot in Cleveland producers Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner.

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16. Game of Silence

This show from CSI creator Carol Mendelsohn and Parenthood executive producer David Hudgins is based on the highly popular Turkish drama Suskunlar. The show is about an attorney whose rising success is jeopardized when some long-lost childhood friends come forward to expose a secret from their shared violent past. Due to the success of the Turkish version, this show was one of the more highly desired pilots this season, Deadline reports.

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