19 TV Show Finales in September

September is typically the time of television premieres, and there are lots of them this month, but here’s a look at the shows that are having September finales.

source: ABC

Source: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise, Monday, September 1

From the creators of The Bachelor and The Bachlorette comes this show that takes former contestants from the aforementioned series and basically puts them back on The Bachelor, just set on a tropical island for a second chance to find their soulmates. Trashy reality TV that’s either a guilty pleasure or cringe-inducing depending on your preference, the final episode will see the contestants narrowed down and reveal if anyone has really discovered true love over the course of filming.

source: ABC

Source: ABC

Mistresses, Monday, September 1

Mistresses is based on a hit UK drama series of the same name about a group of “sexy and sassy” women who attempt to maintain their longtime friendship through their incredibly complicated romantic relationships. In the second season finale, Joss plans her engagement party to Scott while he has another surprise for her; Karen waits for some test results; Savi weighs revealing that she’s changed her mind; and April must get Daniel to protect her and Lucy.

source: PBS

Source: PBS

POV, Monday, September 1

POV is an acclaimed long-running documentary series from PBS that airs short non-fiction films on a variety of topics. The 27th season finale on Labor Day isn’t exactly going to be heartwarming, as it will be a film about the only four doctors in the U.S. that perform third trimester abortions, but the point of POV is to educate, not necessarily entertain.

source: FX

Source: FX

Partners, Monday, September 1

This new show starring Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence will wrap up its first season as the two lawyers with very different ideals need to make a big decision about their practice. Set at a law firm in Chicago, Grammer plays an elitist lawyer who needs a fresh start after getting fired from his dad’s firm and Lawrence plays an idealistic activist going through a rough divorce. Together, the lawyers create their own practice, becoming both partners and friends.

source: Comedy Central

Source: Comedy Central

Drunk History, Tuesday, September 2

The super popular web series from Funny or Die was turned into a full-blown show on Comedy Central this summer. The premise involves comedians under the influence of alcohol attempting to tell great stories from history with reenactments by famous actors. The finale episode of this season will be focused on famous first ladies. Stories about Frances Cleveland, Edith Wilson, and Dolley Madison will be told with appearances by Courteney Cox, Bobby Moynihan, Alia Shawkat, and Casey Wilson.

source: TNT

Source: TNT

Rizzoli & Isles, Tuesday, September 2

The crime drama about the quirky friendship between a medical examiner and a police detective working together to solve Boston’s toughest murder cases is finishing its fifth season. The show is based on a series of popular mystery novels by Tess Gerritsen. The tough cop Jane Rizzoli is played by Angie Harmon and the well-dressed, icy Dr. Maura Isles is played by Sasha Alexander. The chemistry between the two actresses has helped make the show such a success. The show is taking a mid-season break with an episode in which Angela Rizzoli, Jane’s mother, played by The Sopranos’ Lorraine Bracco, confronts Maura about a decision.

source: USA

Source: USA

Royal Pains, Tuesday, September 2

Royal Pains is about a young doctor named Hank forced into the shady practice of private medicine for the upscale residents of the Hamptons after he’s blamed for the death of a hospital trustee. The show is now in its sixth season as Hank continues to spend his summers in the Hamptons being the local “Concierge Doctor,” a profession that lets him in on more than a few dirty secrets. As the show takes a mid-season break, Hank and Evan look for Emma in the wake of her disappearance.

source: VH1

Source: VH1

Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project, Wednesday, September 3

In this reality show competition on VH1, famed pop music songwriter Linda Perry attempts to teach unsigned artists how to become successful pop stars. Perry rose to fame as a member of the rock band 4 Non Blondes and has written songs for Pink and Christina Aguilera. The premise of the show is that while American Idol and The Voice find the talent in the crowd, there’s much more work to be done after that to become a real star. In the season finale, the contestants must choose one song that they think best represents them to perform for Perry.

source: Fox

Source: Fox

So You Think You Can Dance, Wednesday, September 3

Fox’s dance competition reality show will announce its winner during the finale of its eleventh season. Jenna Dewan Tatum, the accomplished dancer best known for starring in Step Up and being married to actor Channing Tatum, will be a guest judge on the season finale.

source: Syfy

Source: Syfy

The Almighty Johnsons, Saturday, September 6

This Syfy comedy is about four brothers who live in New Zealand and have inherited the powers of the Norse gods. The men balance dealing with their godly destiny with drinking beer, sibling rivalry, and chasing women. At the end of the first season, Axl is getting cold feet on the days before his wedding as the rest of the brothers are dealing with Loki’s threat to acquire their powers.

source: HGTV

Source: HGTV

Flipping the Block, Sunday, September 7

This show on HGTV is another variation on the popular house-fixing genre, as people seem to like watching other people fix up houses a lot more than they like actually doing it themselves. Four different teams compete to fix up a house and flip it for the highest price, all while being forced to live in the house amid all the construction. In the first season finale, the teams will compete for the highest bid and find out which did the best job with their renovations.

source: Fox

Source: Fox

Hotel Hell, Monday, September 8

Foul-mouthed hospitality expert Gordon Ramsey uses this Fox show to go around to some of the most run-down and awful hotels, motels, and inns around the country — most of which are on the brink of being closed down — to help the owners turn things around in his typical callous way. In the second season finale, Ramsey has to turn around a Northern California landmark that has succumbed to such a crazy party atmosphere that the guests can’t get any sleep.

source: NBC

Source: NBC

Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Monday, September 8

The famous adventurer Bear Grylls has a new show on NBC in which he takes a celebrity on a one-on-one adventure to an exotic, inhospitable location and the pair must work together to survive for 48 hours. Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, and Ben Stiller are among the guests that have been on the show and the season finale will feature an adventure with NFL star Deion Sanders in the canyons and mesas of Utah.

source: TBS

Source: TBS

Sullivan & Son, Tuesday, September 9

Sullivan & Son is a multicultural sitcom on TBS about a successful corporate lawyer named Steven Sullivan who encounters a dilemma when he brings his girlfriend home from New York to introduce to his Irish American father and Korean mother and finds his parents about to sell the family business, a bar called Sullivan & Son. Unhappy with his career on Wall Street, Sullivan makes the impulsive decision to give it all up, move home, and take over the bar himself. In the season three finale, Sullivan and Melanie’s attempts to hide their new relationship fall apart.

source: The Food Network

Source: The Food Network

Restaurant Stakeout, Wednesday, September 10

Famous New York City restauranteur Willie Degel places hidden cameras in struggling restaurants to help identify what they’re doing wrong and help them get back on track in this reality show on the Food Network. Degel identifies poor management, bad behavior from employees, and other snafus that prevent restaurants from performing to their potential. In the finale of the fifth season, Degel will try to get through to the stubborn owner of a pizzeria in Oakland Park, New Jersey before his business goes under.

source: NBC

Source: NBC

Taxi Brooklyn, Wednesday, September 10

This cop show follows police detective Cat Sullivan, a tough NYC officer who gets demoted for unpredicable behavior related to her investigation of her father’s murder. Stuck on foot duty after getting busted for reckless driving, Sullivan meets a skilled cab driver and strikes up a deal with him. She marries the French African from Marseilles to get him a green card in exchange for his driving talents, and the pair team up to solve crimes around New York and work to figure out the murder of Sullivan’s father.

source: Sundance

Source: Sundance

The Honorable Woman, Thursday, September 18

The Honorable Woman was easily the most talked about and critically acclaimed new drama series to come out this summer. Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal as the heir of an Israeli arms manufacturer, the show addresses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Judaism, and lots of other very complicated topics. After witnessing her father’s assassination as a child, once Gyllenhaal’s character inherits the company, she turns it into a supplier of high-tech data cable along the West Bank and works for reconciliation between Israel and Palestine. This finale will be highly watched considering how well-received the show has been.

source: PBS

Source: PBS

Breathless, Sunday, September 28

This BBC period drama airing on PBS is like Mad Men set in a hospital. Exploring the social landscape of the 1960s, especially in relation to medicine, the show follows the doctors working at a gynecology unit in London at a time when abortion is still illegal and the contraceptive pill has just become available. The head of the unit, Doctor Powell, performs safe but highly illegal abortions for the women he treats. The other doctors working at the hospital have a lot of dark secrets and face the challenges of an era that hasn’t yet completed the sexual revolution. At the end of the first season, the nurses are forced to pose in swimsuits for the doctors at a beauty pageant that functions as a fundraiser for the hospital.

source: The Food Network

Source: The Food Network

The Great Food Truck Race, Sunday, September 28

The Great Food Truck Race is a reality show competition on the Food Network in which aspiring food truck owners must complete 4,000 miles worth of driving and cooking and challenges for the opportunity to win the top prize — $50,000 and their food truck, giving them the opportunity to start their own food truck business. Each week, the teams go to a different city and spend a weekend competing to sell the most food and performing different challenges. The fifth season finale will reveal the winner of the race.

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