2019 Emmy Frontrunner ‘Succession’ Mocked Billionaire Tech Retreats and Nailed It

Emmy frontrunner Succession just took a major swipe at billionaire tech retreats. With the Emmys days away, the latest episode of HBO’s hit show poked fun at a real-life retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho, called the Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference. The installment highlights all of the silly things that go on at these luxurious getaways and absolutely nailed it. Here’s a look at all of the ways Succession was right about tech retreats.

Succession Emmys
‘Succession’ Brian Cox | Photo by Peter Kramer/HBO

Private jet jostling

The latest episode of Succession starts with the Roy family flying in a private jet to a retreat called the Argestes. But once the Roys get closer to the location, they have to wait until the runway is clear to land because everyone attending the retreat is also flying in on their own jets.

At one point, Logan jokes that he is going to murder someone if another “tech f—” gets in their way. Turns out, the show wasn’t too far off the mark.

According to Business Insider, the real-life conference in Sun Valley also features a slew of private jets. In fact, the runway at Sun Valley is packed with jets on the week of the retreat. The high number of planes makes sense because most of the attendees are billionaires and wouldn’t be caught dead flying in a regular passenger plane.

Media blackout

Once the Roy family finally lands and checks into the conference, they are met with long lines of reporters outside of the lodge. Members of the media stand to the side snapping photos of everyone in sight while the staff welcomes the Roys to the event.

They also pull up in blacked-out cars, which is pretty true to what actually happens.

In Sun Valley, the media is allowed to linger outside of the building. But the press is not allowed to go inside the conference. This results in photos of billionaires arriving and departing the retreat, but nothing is ever released from inside the close doors.

Casual dress code

When it comes to the dress code, the billionaires are allowed to go casual at the retreat, just like on Succession. This is why Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, was spotted in 2017 rocking a vest and short-sleeved shirt at the Sun Valley retreat.

This past year, Lachlan Murdoch brought back the vest and paired it with a gray shirt — though it was not nearly as popular as Bezos’s outfit.

On Succession, Kendall mocked the dress code by donning a puffy vest of his own. The character hilariously wore the outfit throughout the conference, a move that prompted a few cheeky remarks by Greg Wambsgans.

As a side note, Sun Valley has handed out fleece vests from Patagonia on occasion.

Name tags

You would think that when the richest men and women in the world get together they would all know each other’s names. But that is not the case.

At the Sun Valley retreat, everyone is required to wear name tags. Even Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, rocks a name tag.

In 2017, Zuckerberg was photographed talking with Chuck Schumer outside of the conference. Zuckerberg’s name tag is clearly visible at the bottom of his shirt, despite the fact that everyone at the event probably knows who he is.

A look at our favorite jabs at the Argestes retreat

Succession is known for featuring some pretty epic insults over the years, and the Argestes retreat was no exception. The episode included some amazing jabs from our favorite characters, and some of them are definitely worth a quick revisit.

One of the best insults came when Roman made fun of Tom for his vest and overall mountaineering look. Speaking of Tom, he also got shafted when the hospitality team gave him nuts in his gift basket instead of wine.

While fans wait for another episode, Succession is in the running for three Emmys this year. This includes Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for the episode, “Nobody Is Ever Missing.”

Succession airs Sunday nights on HBO.

The 71st Primetime Emmys air Sunday, September 22, on Fox.