2019 Emmys: One Producer Gets Brutally Honest With His Ballot – Here’s Who They Think Should Win

What goes through the mind of 2019 Emmy voters when they are filling out their ballots? Do they actually watch all of the shows that are nominated? Do they view all of the submissions? Members of the Television Academy who vote for Emmy winners are actively working in the industry, and they only vote in categories that are related to their field of expertise. Nominees are essentially facing a jury of their peers, but rarely do fans get to hear a brutally honest review of the ballot – until now.

Honest 2019 Emmys
Will Peter Dinklage repeat his win at the 2019 Emmys? | Photo by Neilson Barnard/FilmMagic

An anonymous producer tells all

The Hollywood Reporter recently talked to a television producer who is a voting member of the Television Academy. And, even though they chose to stay anonymous, they didn’t hold back with their opinion on some of the major categories at the upcoming 2019 Emmy Awards.

One of the biggest questions at this year’s ceremony is whether or not the Academy will say goodbye to favorites like Game of Thrones and Veep by showering them with awards, or will they recognize the wave of new acclaimed shows like Barry and Killing Eve that are loaded with talent?

If this producer’s comments and predictions are shared by the majority of Emmy voters, fans will see a changing of the guard at the ceremony.

“I have voted for Game of Thrones in the past, but it went the bro-iest it’s ever been — it was frat-boy central — and even though I didn’t mind the ending that everybody else did, I do think they lost their way when they didn’t have a book,” said the producer.

Why are there eight nominees?

The anonymous producer started out with the Outstanding Drama Series category by complaining about it having eight nominees. They explained that the Comedy Series category has seven and both the limited series and TV movie categories have five, and they would really like a uniform number.

The producer said they didn’t watch Pose because Ryan Murphy shows are “pretentious,” and they didn’t vote for Ozark because it jumped the shark in season 2. They are a huge fan of Better Call Saul and believes that Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut) is the best actor on television, and Succession is brilliant because of the writing.

They voted for Game of Thrones in the past, but it was “frat boy central” this season. This Is Us is “lovely,” and they binged Bodyguard in a weekend and it was “amazing.” But, the producer voted for Killing Eve because it is the “best drama on television.”

There should be a “mercy rule”

The producer loves Veep in the Outstanding Comedy Series category, but they just can’t vote for the show again. They explain that there should be a “mercy rule where you can’t win something more than three or four times.” They were happy to see a network show – The Good Place – get nominated, but was “hugely disappointed” by Russian Doll. The producer called the show “Groundhog Day, but without a point.”

They were not a fan of the latest season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel but could watch Tony Shalhoub read the phone book. Schitt’s Creek is “lovely,” but they don’t know how it got nominated. For this Emmy voter, it came down to Fleabag and Barry.

The producer said they really wanted to vote for Fleabag for the 2019 Emmy, but they had to go with Barry because it is the best show on TV.

“What they pull off on this show is simply astonishing. I care so much about Barry — and he’s a hitman!” said the producer.

A standout in the Limited Series category

One of the other major categories the producer spoke about for the 2019 Emmys was Outstanding Limited Series, and this one wasn’t even close. They say that they “detested” Sharp Objects and believe that Amy Adams was miscast.

“If she picked up the Evian bottle with the vodka in it one more time, I was going to throw a brick through my TV. I get it, you’re a drunk!” said the producer.

They couldn’t finish When They See Us even though it had a great cast. Ava DuVernay was great, and they cared so much about the kids, but they just couldn’t take it anymore. The producer also thought Fosse/Verdon was good and Michelle Williams was terrific, but they believed that Sam Rockwell’s version of Bob Fosse wasn’t even close to Roy Scheider’s in All That Jazz. which is essentially a better version of the same story.

Escape at Dannemora had great directing, but except for Patricia Arquette, the casting wasn’t great. For this anonymous producer, the clear winner is Chernobyl, which is the best thing that they’ve seen on TV in ten years.

The 2019 Emmy Awards air Sunday, September 22nd on FOX.