2019 Oscars: This Best Picture Nominee Made the Most Money So Far

The 2019 Oscars has been the talk of the town more than usual this year. With drama surrounding potential hosts there is sure to be more people tuning into the Academy Awards than ever before. Just in case you missed the memo, Kevin Hart was requested to host, but due to public backlash, Hart decided to drop the fantastic opportunity. Looks like the Oscars are going the hostless route once again!

Fans need not worry though because the show will go on! The nominees were announced right on schedule so let’s take a look at Best Picture nominees. Perhaps their box office numbers will hint at who may be taking home the Best Picture Oscar on February 24th!

‘Black Panther’

Black Panther went live in theaters on February 16th. The star-studded cast really brought droves of people into the theaters. Comic book nerds were unbelievably excited to see such an accurate portrayal of T’Challa and his Wakandan crew. Having beloved stars like the gorgeous Lupita Nyong’o and ripped Chadwick Boseman left the crowd swooning. 

According to Box Office Mojo, the Marvel film brought in over $1.3 billion worldwide. Opening weekend it made about $202 million domestically, pushing the film to the No. 1 spot for five straight weekends. The films turnout wasn’t just fantastic, critics have given credit where it’s due landing it seven Oscar nominations total alongside its already 77 wins. 


Spike Lee’s biographical crime drama released on August 10th. The film featured John David Washington as African America police officer Ron Stallworth. Stallworth somehow manages to infiltrate his local Ku Klux Klan branch with the help of Flip Zimmerman, played by Adam Driver. The movie took a magnifying glass to Trump’s America and thusly brought on quite a bit of controversy. The weirdest part — Lee also received a compliment from the former KKK leader who is depicted in the film. 

So how did the controversial retelling of real events go down in the box office? Worldwide the film brought in roughly $89.5 million, $10.8 million of that occurred domestically during its opening weekend. Ultimately the film topped off at No. 5. While the reception may have been lukewarm in theaters, the film is still nominated for six Oscars and has another 31 wins under its belt. 

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Rami Malek did an AMAZING job bringing Queen’s Freddie Mercury to life in Bohemian Rhapsody. His transformation from the awkward hacker in Mr.Robot to the singing phenomena was and still is an absolutely amazing thing to witness. The biographical musically charged drama came to theaters on November 2nd and brought Queen fans into theaters with unusually high expectations. Malek did not disappoint. 

The film has been nominated for five Oscars in total. It already has 18 wins and 61 other nominations to its name. So, how did it do monetarily speaking? Worldwide the film has grossed about $845 million, a whopping $635 million of that came from foreign theaters! The film still did well domestically bringing in $51 million opening weekend and stealing the No. 1 spot when it dropped.  

‘The Favourite’

The Favourite is a cinematic masterpiece following the life of a frail Queen Anne as she does what she must do to ensure her country remains afloat. Actress Olivia Colman channeled so much elegance and grace in her role as Queen Anne that she honestly did look like royalty. Rachel Weisz, playing Lady Sarah and Emma Stone, playing Rachel, round out the major characters giving history buffs a run for their money.

The biographical film has already left its mark. It’s been nominated for an impressive 10 Oscars and already has 134 wins and 237 nominations to its name. Considering it didn’t come out until the very end of last year, December 21, that is quite a feat. Its box office numbers do not match up with its critical appraise; $71.2 million worldwide and a No.11 ranking for its domestic wide opening weekend. 

‘Green Book’

Green Book is another biographical drama. Directed by Peter Farrelly, the film follows a working-class Italian American bouncer turned driver (Viggo Mortensen) as he takes African American pianist (Mahershala Ali) around the American South during the 60s for his musical tour. The film released last November and already has 47 awards and 86 nominations to its name. It has been nominated for five Oscars in total. 

Green Book brought in $108.9 million worldwide and ranked No.9 domestically for its wide opening weekend. 


Roma is a foreign film by Alfonso Cuarón. It gives viewers a sneak peek into the life of a middle-class family’s maid in Mexico City back in the 70s. The film was released on Netflix on November 21st last year, so it doesn’t have box office numbers to go by. Despite not being able to make a big splash in theaters, the film is one of the top nominated, raking in ten Oscar nominations. It’s already taken home 158 other awards and has received nods 151 times on top of that. 

‘A Star is Born’

A Star is Born is a beautiful, dramatic romance featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The musically charged film follows a musician as he mentors a young singer while his own career is spiraling out of control. Gaga and Cooper had so much chemistry on set that there have been rumors spreading about a possible fling! Drama aside, their connection won the film critical acclaim, eight Oscar nominations, 59 awards, and 205 other nods. 

The film also made huge waves at the box office bringing in over $420 million worldwide. It earned $42.9 million domestically for its opening weekend which pushed it to the No. 2 spot. 


There sure are a lot of biographical films on this list! Adam McKay’s Vice featured a heavier set Christian Bale as bureaucratic insider, Dick Cheney. While under President Bush, Cheney pulled plenty of strings to make America what it is today. With touches of comedy and drama, the film was a treat for history buffs. Despite being released at the very end of last year, December 26th, the film has won 26 awards and 106 nominations. It’s up for eight Oscars.

Vice was the talk of the town before and after its release, but its box office numbers aren’t out of the ordinary. It made $54.8 million worldwide and climbed to the No.6 rank opening weekend domestically thanks to its $7.7 million turn out.

So, with these numbers in mind, which film do you think will be taking home the Best Picture Oscar at the end of this month?