’21 Jump Street’ Getting Female Spin From ‘Broad City’ Writers

22 Jump Street

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The 21 Jump Street universe is about to get some new stars, in addition to Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Just months after confirming plans for a women-centric reboot of Ghostbusters, Sony is also reportedly developing another version of Jump Street starring female leads.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the female-driven spin-off is actually only one of two films that Sony is planning to add to the widely successful franchise. The studio has already recruited writers Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs to pen the script for the developing movie. The duo has plenty of experience working in female-centric comedy. Both currently serve as writers on Comedy Central’s breakout hit Broad City, which earned a Best Comedy Series nod at the Critics Choice Awards last year.

While no specific details regarding the film or potential casting have been revealed just yet, the movie is expected to feature the same satirical tone as both of its hugely popular preceding installments. Aside from bringing Aniello and Downs on board, the project will also bring back most of the creative team behind the original 21 Jump Street reboot and its sequel. Producer Neal Moritz and writer-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have all reportedly signed on to help guide the new women-focused version of the series.

For Sony, the project marks the beginning of a trend. The studio is also currently working on launching a new Ghostbusters cinematic universe, the first installment of which will be led by female stars. As announced in January, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones are set to take the lead roles in that film, which will be co-written and helmed by director Paul Feig (Bridemaids, The Heat). It’s set to premiere in the summer of next year.

The female interpretation is only part of the planned expansion of the Jump Street series. Per The Wrap, Sony is also developing a third sequel for Tatum and Hill to reprise their roles as cops Jenko and Schmidt. As previously rumored, the film will be a crossover with Men in Black and will reportedly feature the characters stepping in to the shoes of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and fighting aliens instead of drug dealers.

News of the crossover film comes after months of speculation, which started with Sony’s leaked emails last year. Earlier this year, Lord confirmed the idea was still very much on the table. The premise does seem to fit in well with the franchise’s history of mocking Hollywood’s constant repurposing of old ideas for new films. 21 Jump Street poked fun at reboots, while 22 Jump Street took aim at sequels. The next film will continue the pattern by using Men in Black to target the industry’s current obsession with shared movie universes. Moritz, Lord, and Miller will oversee this project as well.

For Sony, both projects come as the studio is looking for ways to broaden its slate of franchises and cinematic universes. It’s no surprise why the studio has chosen to expand the Jump Street series in particular. The films have proven to be hugely popular with moviegoers. 21 Jump Street raked in $201.6 million worldwide, while last year’s sequel earned over $331 million. In addition to performing well at the box office, both films also received widely positive reviews at the time of their debut. With the first two movies being such critical and commercial hits, it’s easy to see why the studio hopes to continue the franchise’s success with these new projects.

No expected premiere date for either the female-led Jump Street or the Men In Black crossover have been confirmed yet.

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