’22 Jump Street’ Promises More of the Same

A new trailer for 22 Jump Street, the sequel to 2012′s 21 Jump Street, is out as Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill return to their roles as highly incompetent undercover police officers Jenko and Schmidt, who are assigned masquerade as being much younger than they actually are.

In the first film, which was based off the popular early ’90s TV show that made a teen heartthrob out of Johnny Depp, Tatum and Hill play police officers so lowly that they are sent back to high school to do undercover work busting the kids responsible for a strange new drug that has become popular among the town’s youth. In the sequel, it’s off to college for the cops, who after working on their relationship in couples counseling, head off for frat parties, hot co-eds, and spring break.

The pair are sent to attend a state college and again track down some suspicious drugs that are circulating on campus, all the while having hilarious misadventures as they pose as college students, armed with a bean bag chair, a hot plate, and a “hilarious shirt that signals we drink alcohol.” Usual gags related to sex, drugs, and partying are sure to please fans of the last film. Nick Offerman, Ice Cube, and Rob Riggle all co-star in the movie.

21 Jump Street surprisingly managed to impress critics, with its outright silliness and bromantic chemistry between Hill and Tatum working in its favor. Instead of attempting to make a tribute to the campy original TV show, directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller chose to satire both the undercover cop genre and typical teen movie themes, and their formula worked (a hilarious cameo from original Jump Street star Depp also helped). 21 Jump Street pulled in over $138 million domestically and has a solid 85 percent fresh rating among critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

A review from venerable Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers cites the comic chemistry between Tatum and Hill as the reason the first film worked so well. “Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, known for the animated Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, have an instinct to go for giggly farce, but Hill and Tatum stay admirably rooted to character,” Travers said. Tatum gives “a revelatory, burst-out comic performance” and Hill “is terrific as Schmidt, the brains of the duo.”

Ice Cube, who plays the head of Jump Street in charge of “babysitting” Jenko and Schmidt, shows Lord and Miller are ready to satirize the big-budget Hollywood sequel by telling the cops, “It’s the same case, do the same thing,” as the obviously too-old-for-college Schmidt and Jenko prepare to move in to the dorms. It remains to be seen if Hill and Tatum’s comedic gifts will be enough to make the same gags as entertaining as they were in the first film.

22 Jump Street is set to be released on June 13.

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