’23 Hours to Kill’ Trailer: Jerry Seinfeld on Why It’s Ok If Your Life Sucks

Jerry Seinfeld is coming back to Netflix with a brand new stand-up special. In the trailer for 23 Hours to Kill, the comedian talks about where he is in life, and why it’s perfectly ok to acknowledge that your life sucks.

Jerry Seinfeld | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

‘Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours To Kill’ premieres on Netflix in May

Seinfeld’s new hour-long special, Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill, premieres on May 5 on Netflix. According to a Netflix synopsis, in his new act, the comedian “reinforces his reputation as the precision-craftsman of standup comedy and showcases “sharp angles on everyday life, uncovering comedy in the commonplace.”

The comedy special was filmed at New York City’s Beacon Theatre. As shown in a short promo in which Seinfeld meets a supervillain, the title of the special, 23 Hours to Kill, is meant as a play on typical James Bond films. 

The comedian says life sucks, but it’s still great

In the official trailer for 23 Hours to Kill, Seinfeld jokes about his wealth and success, and how he doesn’t really need to do stand-up comedy. “You and I know each other on a certain level for many, many, years,” he says to the audience. 

“You know for a fact, I could be anywhere in the world right now. Now, you be honest, if you were me, would you be up here hacking out another one of these?”

The comedian also talks about all the things people do to convince themselves that they’re lives don’t suck. But he says, it doesn’t matter, because everyone’s life sucks, even his. “Your life sucks, my life sucks,” Seinfeld jokes, “perhaps not quite as much.”

He goes on to say that people shouldn’t feel bad if their life sucks because somethings that suck can be great. The comedian points out that hot dogs at baseball games aren’t the best, but when you eat them, it feels great.  

“The greatest lesson you can learn in life: sucks and great are pretty close,” suggests Seinfeld. “You go to a baseball game, you have a hot dog. The hot dog is cold, the bun is not toasted. The vendor is an ex-con in a work-release program.”

“You love that hot dog every time,” he continues. “Does it suck? Yes. Is it great? Yes. That’s how close they are.”  

Seinfeld goes on to suggest that “sucks and great” are actually the same exact thing. “You have an ice cream cone, you’re walking down the street, the ice cream falls off the top of the cone, hits the pavement; sucks,” he jokes. “What do you say? ‘Great.'”

Other Seinfeld specials you’ll find on Netflix

23 Hours to Kill isn’t the only Seinfeld comedy special on Netflix. His 1998 stand-up show, I’m Telling You For The Last Time is available on the streamer, as is his 2017 comedy special, Jerry Before Seinfeld

Netflix also carries his original series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. On the show, Seinfeld interviews a variety of comedy legends, including Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, and Ellen DeGeneres. 

The 2002 documentary, Jerry Seinfeld Comedian, which follows the comic as he tours the stand-up circuit, is also currently available on Netflix.