The 3 Badass Heroes in ‘Stranger Things 3’ Who Aren’t Main Characters

You know what today is. You’ve been patiently waiting for Stranger Things 3 to drop, planning your day around the clock and your sleep patterns. I started watching early, and I know some of you did too, so let’s get down to some of our favorite characters this season.

While there are new faces, new roles, and new directions for season 3, that doesn’t mean some of the show’s old faces are doing the same old thing. Nope. Fans will never stop rooting for Mike, Will, El, Lucas, Dustin, Max, Nancy, Steve, Jonathan, and the rest of the gang, but this season, there are some Hawkins residents whose heroics are just as stellar as the main team. Let’s discuss which “supporting” characters deserve accolades, bonuses, and all the free Scoops Ahoy they can stomach.

Priah Ferguson
Priah Ferguson of ‘Stranger Things’ | Getty Images for Netflix/Charley Gallay

Mr. Clarke

For the first two seasons, Mr. Clarke was cracking the code to the bizarre scientific mysteries in town—without even knowing it. This season, the science teacher continues that streak by first breaking down electromagnetics in layman’s terms, sending Joyce back into full-on investigation mode. By opening up this world of possible possibilities, he gives the grownups a head start at digging into what’s off in Hawkins this time. So what if he’s only in one episode this season? Mr. Clarke does it again and is invaluable to the town.


Speaking of code breakers, Robin, played by Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s daughter, Maya, is capable of more than delivering quips and curbing Scoops Ahoy sample moochers. Her eavesdropping pays off when she jumps in to help decipher Russian messages. Curing her boredom that way helped to prove she’s one of the smartest additions to the show. She’s down for the cause, mystery, and eventual escape plan when she gets sucked into the action with Steve, Dustin, and Erica. Without spoiling too much, we can say that Robin can also hold her own in a scrap and is a great match for Steve (if you’ve watched already then you know what that really means). She’s clearly a fan favorite.

Erica Sinclair

Like she said, you can’t spell America without Erica. Lucas’s baby sis (played by Priah Ferguson) has grown up a bit and can back up her bravado with her deeds. She’s tough, sassy, and confident, but it’s that confidence that helps her and her new crew uncover what’s going on with the Russians. Steve needs her. Dustin needs her. And Hawkins certainly needs her. Think about how many lives she really saved when she was at the enemy’s lair. We think she earned a lifetime supply of free Scoops Ahoy samples—or more.

With all gore and fear running through Hawkins this season, it’s no surprise that more people needed to step up to stop the destruction. Realistically, there are at least ten badass characters on this show, but these three deserve a special shout for being one or more of these: intelligent, brave, and vocal. It’s good to know that fans can look forward to seeing these characters when Stranger Things comes back for its next season.