3 Best Disney+ Shows to Watch This Summer

Disney+ might be a relative newcomer to the streaming wars. Still, with a name more powerful than any in entertainment and an increasingly impressive slate of content, both original and acquired, it’s time to take it seriously. With the summer coming up, people of all ages will be looking for new shows to watch. This is where the service comes in handy.

As such, there’s a little bit for everyone from the youngest child to mature fans of established properties. 

‘Bluey’ teaches kids the important lessons

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If one perused a list like ET put out of the best Disney series, Bluey might come as something of a surprise. Not an original series, but an important one, nonetheless. The series takes an age-old format of “adorable talking dogs” and brought it to the twenty-first century. Bounty Parents notes how parents around the world fell in love with the Australian children’s series.

While the wholesomeness of Bluey is a draw, parents love the nuanced way it speaks on mental health, love, and empathy. 

In a world without Mr. Rogers, shows like Bluey can help convey that message of love that many kids grew up on. As such, anyone with young children can appreciate everything that Bluey has to offer. 

‘The Bad Batch’ is the ‘Star Wars’ series fans agree on

While The Mandalorian is one of the biggest hits that the streaming platform offers, live-action Star Wars often fails to unite the fans in ways that the long-running animated universe does. While technically existing on the same timeline, the animated series dives deeper into the Star Wars mythology and allows the bit players of the big-screen universe to shine. 

According to the official Star Wars website, The Bad Batch follows a group of mercenaries who premiered during the final season of The Clone Wars. Existing outside of the force in the aftermath of a war that helped them pay the bills, the new series focuses on the aftermath of war. Without the steady income that came with fighting the good fight, the latest intergalactic series explores the themes that have always been at the bottom of the Star Wars universe. 

The series is a hit, building off of the massive Clone Wars fan base. Furthermore, the show features an all-star cast of superstar voice actors like Dee Bradley Baker. The Mandalorian may be the cinematic television series fans are looking for, but The Bad Batch may be the better option for the die-hard Star Wars fan who wants something new. 

‘WandaVision’shows how the MCU can exist going forward

Released in early 2021, WandaVision anchored in the Disney Plus take on the MCU’s television universe. In the aftermath of Endgame and The Blip, WandaVision shows the genre-bending lengths that Kevin Feige and Company have taken the Marvel universe as a whole. While it shamelessly connects to the big-screen counterpart, it’s also the most self-contained. 

As Marvel’s website notes, the series takes place in a half-real, half-fictional town which Wanda made to cope with Vision’s movie death, the show follows her as she resurrects her one true love and tries to build an ideal life based on the tropes she saw on television growing up. What starts as a black-and-white sitcom that is just south of I Love Lucy and turns into standard MCU fare by the end. 

However, what separates WandaVision from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is its ability to tell a story that doesn’t necessarily need the big-screen movies to function. Yes, it helps to know about it, but the series works as a strange, Twin Peaks-like study of the Marvel world without the decade-plus of content before it. 

On top of these already-released series, Variety notes that surefire hits like Loki and What If…? are also due to drop in the coming months with other favorites of the past, present, and future. With all of this in tow, Disney Plus is sure to keep the masses entertained as they discover new series and go back to explore the shows they missed. 

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