3 Best Movies in Theaters Right Now: ‘Boulevard’ and More

Every week, the Cheat Sheet Entertainment staff selects the top three movies to catch in theaters. Here are our top picks for this week.

1. Boulevard

Our top pick this week is a bittersweet film both for its storyline and because of the actor who plays the leading role.  Boulevard is one of Robin Williams’s last performances before he committed suicide last August after a long struggle with depression. In the film, Williams plays Nolan Mack, a mild-mannered married man who lives a quiet life with his devoted wife Joy (Kathy Baker) in Nashville, Tennessee. However, all is not well in Nolan’s life and marriage. Nolan is a closeted gay man who has suppressed his true feelings and identity from everyone around him. His carefully fabricated life is soon disrupted after he impulsively picks up a male prostitute named Leo (Roberto Aguire) while driving aimlessly around one night. Nolan’s relationship with Leo brings his repressed feelings to the surface and forces him to reassess his life. As Nolan’s friend Winston (Bob Odenkirk) observes, “Maybe it’s never too late to finally start living the life you really want.”

Boulevard is directed by Dito Montiel, who may be best-known for his first feature film, 2006’s critically acclaimed A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. While reviews of Boulevard have been more mixed than they were for Montiel’s first film (46% approval rating from the critics at Rotten Tomatoes and a 52 Metascore from Metacritic), most critics have praised Williams’s strong performance. “The movie is mapped out too easily, but Williams carries the movie,” wrote New York Daily News film critic Joe Neumaier. “He brings a palpably forlorn desperation, and a clear desire for inner peace.”

Similarly, Variety’s Peter Debruge noted that “the actor projects a regret so deep and identifiable, viewers should have no trouble connecting it to whatever is missing in their own lives — whether those regrets are romantic, sexual, professional or spiritual.” Boulevard opens in a limited release on Friday, July 10.

2. Minions

If you’re looking for lighter fare at the cinema this weekend, then the hilariously nonsensical Minions may be more up your alley. A prequel/spinoff of the highly successful Despicable Me franchise, Minions stars the pill-shaped yellow creatures that later serve the supervillain-turned-loving-father Felonious Gru. There’s some sort of story involving the Minions, the world’s first female supervillain, and a plot to steal the British royal crown, but does that really matter? If you like cute gibberish-talking cartoon creatures and over-the-top slapstick, then you’ll love Minions. Starring the voice talents of Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, and more, Minions swarms into theaters nationwide on Friday, July 10.

3. Self/less

What would it be like if you could change your body like you change your clothes? In Self/less, an older wealthy man dying of cancer named Damian (Ben Kingsley) undergoes a procedure that transfers his consciousness into a young man’s healthy body (Ryan Reynolds). At first, Damian relishes the experience of having a young body and all the benefits it brings. However, things start to go awry when Damian discovers that the mysterious organization that facilitated the procedure lied about how the young man’s body was obtained. While the premise of this film sounds fascinating, many critics felt the story failed to satisfactorily address many of the deeper philosophical questions that it raised. However, if you’re looking for a slick sci-fi popcorn flick to entertain you this weekend, Self/less may be just what the doctor ordered. Self/less opens hits theaters on Friday, July 10.

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