3 Informative and Entertaining Podcasts To Get You Through Coronavirus Lockdown

While there are enough celebrities keeping us entertained on social media during the quarantine, that hasn’t stopped most people from getting stir crazy from being on lockdown. Luckily, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have more than enough content, making binge-watching a new favorite pastime. Newer services, such as The Zeus Network, are rolling out their own original programming to keep viewers occupied. 

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But as much as the television industry is doing its best to keep everyone satisfied, there’s only so much television people can watch before even that becomes a chore. Add in a podcast or two to diversify what keeps you not only entertained, but informed. Here are three great podcasts to listen to over the next few weeks of the lockdown. 


This true crime seven-part series documents Shapearl Wells’ quest for answers to the death of her 22-year-old son, Courtney Copeland. Copeland was discovered outside a Chicago police station with a fatal bullet wound. 

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Wells partners with Chicago journalist Alison Flowers – and independent radio producer, Bill Healy. Together, they crack down new evidence through their own investigative work of the police department surrounding the case.

Copeland was a friend of Chance the Rapper (Chancelor J. Bennett). The rapper and activist was interviewed for the podcast and performs the series’ theme song. Bennett not only attended his friend’s funeral, but when he heard of the project, he deemed it necessary to use his platform to shed light on violence in the city. 

“He was very loved by everybody,” Bennett said of Copeland in an official release. “I just wish that he was respected as a human life on the level that he should have been.”

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Wells spoke to Showbiz on the importance of the series, confronting the Chicago PD for movement on the case, and the impact she hopes to leave with the project.

The subject matter is urgent because people like Courtney are dying. They [Chicago PD] have to have the dedication to actually working the case. One thing we found is that they’re not working these cases enough. We need more follow up. I should be able to know the status of my son’s case. They say they don’t have the manpower to keep in contact with families. There has to be something in place. They need a lot of work. I want listeners to take away that the world lost a beautiful soul in Courtney Copeland and that in all cases like this, everybody deserves a fighting chance. Everybody is “Somebody.

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Somebody launched on March 31. 

‘The Read’

Led by YouTube sensation Kid Fury, and his close friend Crissle, The Read gives a fresh take on current events in pop culture. Since 2013, the weekly show has grown to over 1 million listeners monthly and tours the country often with live tapings in front of packed audiences in major cities.

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Their Black Excellence segment highlights a praiseworthy accomplishment from both celebrities and everyday people. They hilariously delve into a Hot Topics segment where they give their opinion on entertainment news. Viewers particularly enjoy The Read segment, where they could give any top reality star a run for their money with their ability to “read” a subject with intense shade. 

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Throughout the show, both Fury and Crissle are honest about their lives and sexuality, sharing relatable stories of trying to navigate life as a 30-something influencer in New York City.

‘The Friend Zone’

Three friends ban together to tackle wellness in the black community with The Friend Zone. Each week, Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey (Francesca Medina), and Assante Smith make it their mission to explore “mental health, mental wealth and mental hygiene,” while advocating for the importance of healthy relationships within families, friendships, work-life, and romantic partnerships.

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Prior to the show, all three hosts were already influencers in their own right. Medina was a popular blogger who healed herself of a variety of illnesses she believes was brought on by stress through holistic and natural treatments in her diet and lifestyle. Ross is a working actor, having roles alongside Jussie Smollett in The Skinny and guest appearances on hit shows like Insecure. Smith was a featured guest on popular YouTube shows, where he’d often give his opinion on hot topics in entertainment. They each bring their own set of expertise to topics discussed on The Friend Zone.

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Friends with the hosts of The Read, they typically contribute to each other’s shows. Medina and Crissle host an official podcast recapping each episode of HBO’s Insecure with Insecuritea: The Insecure Aftershow.