3 Of The Hottest Game Tournaments at Evo 2019 And Their Winners

Nearly 10,000 gamers descended on Las Vegas this weekend for the Evolution Championship Series,—referred to as Evo—an event that holds tournaments for some of the industry’s most popular video games. Business Insider notes that participants from 80 countries showed up to compete against each other in nine games.

Considered a must-see affair among video game fans, the esports event drew crowds in person and via its online broadcast so everyone could see which champions were crowned for games such as Super Smash Bros: Ultimate and Tekken 7. Here is a snapshot of three of this year’s hottest tournaments and who came out as winners.

Sonic Fox and Goichi attend Evo 2018
Sonic Fox and GO1 compete in Evo 2018 | Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Street Fighter is one of gaming’s oldest franchises, and heading into the Evo tournament, it was already on everyone’s lips because of the character leak that happened earlier in the week. Capcom accidentally released news that Street Fighter 5 is adding three characters—E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia—to its original 2016 lineup. But I digress.

With more than $19,000 on the line as prize money and titles at stake, players headed into the 2019 Street Fighter tournament hoping to win and/or defend their position. “Punk” Woodley is considered a fan favorite, but he was eliminated early in the competition. ESPN also named Tokido as a top pick for this game, but he too was taken out early. So, who would it be? Bonchan? Daigo?

Going into the Winners Finals, it was Bonchan versus Big Bird, and in a close one where Big Bird made a comeback toward the end, Bonchan clinched the win.

Mortal Kombat 11

Love for Mortal Kombat will never die, and players in this year’s tournament didn’t disappoint with their various fighting styles for the latest version that arrived last December. But many knew who would come out on top in the matchup between Dominique “Sonic Fox” McLean and Ryan “Dragon” Walker. Still, that didn’t make watching Sonic Fox’s Cassie Cage take on Dragon’s Cetrion any less exciting.

There were a few times where Dragon came close to finishing him, but aaaaaahhhh, Cetrion’s magic and tentacles were no match for the beatdown from Cassie. Sonic Fox came out on top, earning another notch on his winning belt.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The intense face-off between friendly rivals Sonic Fox and Goichi “GO1” Kishida was the game to watch. Last year, Sonic Fox and GO1 went toe-to-toe in the finals for Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Sonic Fox earned the win. So, the rematch between these two highly-skilled, frequent opponents may have felt like it favored the champ, but that wasn’t the case.

GO1 came through in the final stretch and sealed his victory as 2019’s winner for the game. It was an emotional moment as he broke down in tears while his friend/challenger pat him on the back and congratulated him. The bout is being hailed as one of the tournament’s best for this year.

Considering the level of play seen here at Evo, there are no real losers. Gaming fans—whether fans of fighting games or not—tuned into Evo just to find out which of their favorite competitors would beat out everyone else. Only a few other esports events remain for this year, so keep an eye on your fave to see whose talents wind up getting them recognized at The Game Awards in December.