3 Reasons ‘NCIS’ Fans Are Aggravated Following the Last Episode

NCIS has been on the air for quite some time; meaning, with seventeen seasons of content, there are bound to be narrative missteps — character choices that don’t exactly work and plotlines that feel fuzzy, illogical, or out of place. 

NCIS cast
NCIS cast | Kevin Lynch/CBS via Getty Images

The most recent episode of NCIS left several fans a bit concerned for one of the lead characters — Gibbs, and a bit annoyed at some of the unrealistic choices used to bring home ideas or accentuate a character’s personality. So, let’s break down what went wrong with the most recent episode of NCIS. 

1 and 2. Shooting arrows into a lab and tossing a phone into a fire seems a little ridiculous 

In one scene in the most recent episode of NCIS, one character decides to shoot an arrow directly into an open doorway and a chemical hood that is made of glass, which fans noted felt a bit unrealistic. However, this is not the first time the writers made illogical choices for the sake of drama. As a matter of fact, it was not the only time in a single episode, as Gibbs later through a phone into a fire, as an indignant way of explaining he does not need a smartphone. Speaking about these moments, fans noted:

The phone thing was the dumbest part of what was overall a decent episode.

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There’s no way any person would shoot arrows towards a) a open doorway and b) a chemical hood that is all glass.

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Because why wouldn’t you shoot arrows directly toward the evacuation hood in your lab, right? Especially when you know your aim is questionable.

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The dumbest thing was chucking a battery into a fire.

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While the above instances show that the writers often dish aside human logic, they also often forget about their characters’ dynamics, and the way they function best together. 

3. What’s going on with Gibbs and Sloane in ‘NCIS?’ 

At the end of the most recent NCIS episode, fans discovered that Jack Sloane received chocolates by accident (as they were intended for a co-worker). However, the episode’s progression led many to believe that they may have been from Gibbs. And, the show has previously hinted at a romantic relationship between the two of them coming to fruition, which is something fans argue feels forced, and off. While Gibbs may need to find romance as part of his overarching character arc, Sloane does not feel like the right choice. One fan explained in an online discussion

And then there is Sloane mixed in here. I have the feeling they are both interested in each other, but Sloane doesn’t want to push Gibbs and he’d probably be awkward if a social situation with Sloane came up. I really have mixed feelings about all of this. Lately everything seems to indicate Gibbs is going to get together with someone, most likely Sloane, but everything about it just seems a little off.

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Fans noted that “they should have known” the chocolates were for someone else or from someone else, but they could have been from Gibbs; meaning, the show is pushing a romance that may not enhance the NCIS narrative.