30 Mother’s Day Quotes From Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Other Celebrity Moms

We tend to think our favorite celebrities live a life of glamour and prestige; they’re simply out of touch with reality. This Mother’s Day, we take a look at how relatable these A-listers actually are with a look at the funny, the messy, and the heartwarming side of motherhood, and we realize we’re not that different from them after all.

Celebrity quotes about raising good kids

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner | Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Fast Company

“You have to have faith that while your kids can seem to be selfish and concerned only about the word ‘mine’… they are watching you really

carefully. If you care about other people, they will too.” –Jennifer Garner

“I’ve learned something about kids — they don’t do what you say; they do what you do.”- Jennifer Lopez

“Once he leaves that house and I’m not with him, it’s his life and how he approaches it is his decision. But I want to know that I did the best I could as his mom to educate him on the ugliness in the world, and also the beauty.”-Sandra Bullock

“Kids have a personality that has nothing to do with you. I have a really sweet daughter. She wants to hug all the other kids. I didn’t teach her to be sweet.” – Mila Kunis

“You learn so much about yourself from being a parent and you care more about the world you are raising your kids in.” — Kim Kardashian

Gross celebrity quotes about motherhood and kids

“When can I expect to stop having avocado under my fingernails at all times? When they go to college?'” – Kristen Bell

“I’ve learned that it’s way harder to be a baby. For instance, I haven’t thrown up since the ’90s and she’s thrown up twice since we started this interview.” –Eva Mendes

 “Ah, babies! They’re more than just adorable little creatures on whom you can blame your farts.” -Tina Fey

“Usually the triumph of my day is, you know, everybody making it to the potty.”-Julia Roberts

Celebrity mom quotes about sacrifice

“Balance is what it’s all about no matter what your job is. Being a mom, working, and dividing your time. It’s what we all have to do as mothers.” — Carrie Underwood

“There’s something really empowering about going, ‘Hell, I can do this! I can do this all!’ That’s the wonderful thing about mothers, you can because you must, and you just do.” – Kate Winslet

 “What motherhood shows you is how selfless you can get. I’m ragged tired. Who cares? My kids are healthy, I’m happy.” — Mila Kunis

“I’ve been having so much pain for the last several months. Everyone has been asking how I injured [my shoulder] and I don’t have a good answer. I think I figured it out guys. I’m a mom.” — Busy Philipps

“I didn’t think I’d have a child before I got married, but hey, it turned out that way and I wouldn’t change a thing. I didn’t think I’d have dessert before breakfast this morning, but hey, it turned out that way and I wouldn’t change thing.” — Mindy Kaling

Empowering celebrity mom quotes

 “I despise mommy shamers. I am a shamer of mommy shamers.” -Chrissy Teigen

 “No one’s really doing it perfectly. I think you love your kids with your whole heart, and you do the best you possibly can.” — Reese Witherspoon

“Parenting shifts as your kids shift. The best thing for me has been throwing any kind of parenting manual out of the window.” — Kate Hudson

“There are all kinds of ways and reasons that mothers can and should be praised. But for cultivating a sense of invisibility, martyrdom, and tirelessly working unnoticed and unsung? Those are not reasons.” — Shonda Rhimes

“I never understand why mothers judge other mothers, like, ‘What do you mean you didn’t breastfeed? What do you mean you didn’t do this?’ It’s like, ‘Can’t we all just be on each other’s side?'” -Gwyneth Paltrow

“We’re doing the best we can, so it would be really nice if moms supported each other instead of pointing out the flaws. We’re all trying to do the best we can.” — Jana Kramer

Celebrity girl power quotes

“We’ve joked that my daughter is bossy. But my husband [Ryan Reynolds] said, ‘I don’t ever want to use that word again. You’ve never heard a man called bossy.'” — Blake Lively

“Bill [Gates] and I had always known that, like our own parents, we would raise our children to believe they could do anything without their gender limiting their options.” — Melinda Gates

“Everything I do, I do for my girls. Everything I write, I imagine handing off to my girls to read. Strong girls, smart girls, powerful girls – that’s what I know and what I write.” -Margaret Stohl

It means a lot to me to have two kids who support my ambition to change perceptions of women. As moms, we have a unique opportunity to keep changing this attitude that ambition is an ugly quality in women.” -Reese Witherspoon

Celebrity quotes about crazy parenthood

“It would help me a lot if any moms would like to share stories of their kids being mean to them.” — Chrissy Teigen

“I had Luca by myself for a few weeks, no help, when Mike [Comrie] was on the road, and when he got home I was like, ‘He’s yours! Bye!'” — Hilary Duff

“You never know when you’re gonna get crapped on or when you’re gonna get a big smile or when that smile immediately turns into hysterics. It might be like living with a drug addict.”-Blake Lively

“If I’m talking to the 2-and-a-half-year-old and I’m done, I’ll just be like, ‘We’ve got to switch. I don’t want to talk to this kid anymore.'” — Kristen Bell

Parenting quotes from celebrities

“I think about her all the time, anywhere I am. I would rather be with her or wish she could come everywhere.” — Kylie Jenner

“When Valentina was not even 1 month old, my aunt [gave me the best advice]: ‘Put her to sleep yourself every night. Sing to her and cradle her in your arms and sit by her side — every night. Because one day you won’t be able to, and it’s going to happen really fast.” -Salma Hayek

“Sometimes I feel like a bad mom … Some days I feel like I should win best mom of the day award, and some days I find myself doing strange things that don’t have any real purpose, in faraway corners in my house, and I realize I am literally and deliberately hiding from my children.” -Kate Hudson

“We [all] just love hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity mom or a mom that is a stay-at-home mom … we’re all in this together.” — Kelly Rowland

“I love this dude so freaking much” -Chrissy Teigen (about her son)

“I don’t even know what’s gonna happen when the girls start asking to wear makeup, but we keep telling our kids they don’t get a phone until they go off to college,” -Joanna Gaines 

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