300 Sequel Dominates at the Box Office: A Bloody Victory

Eva Green, 300 Rise of an Empire

The weekend box office proved once again that bloody and shirtless men sell well with the 300 sequel, 300: Rise of An Empire, beating out competitors in theaters over the weekend. According to Box Office Mojo, the film played at 3,470 locations, and brought in $45.05 million, easily beating out the animated children’s film, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, which opened at 3,934 theaters to bring in approximately $32.5 million. Wes Anderson’s newest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, was also easily beaten, but only opened in four theaters, all in either New York or Los Angeles, according to Box Office Mojo, and brought in $200,000 per theater for a total of $800,000.

Despite respectable ticket sales for the Spartan action flick, Rise of An Empire can hardly compete with the original — the film style is no longer so unique and new, and the storyline, while still good, can’t live up to the famous initial story. Rise of An Empire only managed 36 percent of the first film’s debut revenue on the same weekend, and sold only about half the number of tickets — 62 percent of which was unsurprisingly male.

Eva Green, one of the female villians from the film, said that training was no joke, in an interview with On the Red Carpet. “It’s very intense. It’s more intense for the guys because they’re kind of bare-chested the whole time, so I was lucky, I was fully-dressed so you didn’t have to see that bit. But I had to lift very heavy swords. I had to do lots of lifting weights, push-ups, squats, all the exciting exercise and then sword-fighting with amazing stunt guys,” said Green, adding that the choreography and stunt work was difficult for her at times. “I’m not coordinated at all so it took me a while to learn how to dance with two swords. I had great guys and they were so passionate and patient,” she said.

As for the sex scene — which is getting a fair amount of attention (no wonder we’re looking at 62 percent male) for being rather graphic and fierce — Ms. Green discussed her characters role in that as well. “She kind of is intrigued by her enemy, Themistokles, played by Sullivan Stapleton. She wants to possess him because he turns out to be such a great enemy and very … yeah, like he’s her perfect match and they end up having kind of a love scene,” said Green to MTV, adding that, “It’s more like a love-hate fight scene. It’s not vanilla sex, that’s for sure. So that was full-on. I’ve never done a scene like this.”

With a worldwide gross of $132.85 million, Rise of An Empire has easily surpassed it’s production budget of $110 million — a hefty expense. According to Box Office Mojo, it also ranked 74th for Comic Book Adaptions, and 23rd for Revenge films in terms of theater grossing, putting it ahead of Timecop but beneath Kick-Ass, and ahead of The Punisher but beneath Sweeney Todd.

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