4 Games Free for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers in May 2016

After last April’s incredible lineup of free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, it’s no surprise that May is a bit of a letdown in comparison. (It’s worth noting you can still get the stellar Sunset Overdrive until May 15.) But let’s back up.

Being an Xbox Live Gold subscriber means you get free games each month. The service costs around $60 per year, but the games you’ll get are worth far more than that, even if you’re only interested in playing a fraction of them. Sony offers a similar platform but the PlayStation Plus games for April don’t look as great.

Although Microsoft gives away two games each for Xbox One and Xbox 360, you can play all of the Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. Effectively, Xbox One owners get four free games each month instead of two.

It’s also worth noting that even if you don’t have an Xbox One yet, you can redeem your free games either on Xbox.com or your Xbox 360. Then if you buy an Xbox One in the future, you’ll be able to find those games in your account and download them for free.

Without further ado, here are the free Games With Gold for May 2016.

1. Defense Grid 2

Platform: Xbox One
Metacritic score: 78
Original price: $14.99
Available: May 1 – May 31

If any tower defense fans were under the impression they’d done all the tower defending that needed to be done, they’re just plain wrong. Defense Grid 2 proves this by offering loads of new aliens trying to invade your space station to steal your sci-fi goodies. The only way you can stop them is by strategically building attack towers along their paths. It’s standard stuff for the genre, but since these games have gone out of style in recent years, there’s still fun to be found in Defense Grid 2.

2. Costume Quest 2

Platform: Xbox One
Metacritic score: 68
Original price: $14.99
Available: May 16 – June 15

This role-playing game is set during trick-or-treat on Halloween. You play as Reynold and Wren, twins who go on a neighborhood adventure, bringing a beat-down to creatures called Grubbins. The way you do that is by putting on different Halloween costumes that grant you various super powers.

This sequel isn’t all that different from the 2010 original, but this time around the developers have spiced up the turn-based combat by adding combos and time-based button presses. Your health no longer regenerates after each battle, either; instead, you have to find water fountains to heal back up. Costume Quest 2 might not be a must-have game, but at least it’s free.

3. GRID 2

Platform: Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Metacritic score: 78
Original price: $24.99
Available: May 1 – May 15

If it’s a blazing fast street racer you’re after, look no further than GRID 2. You’re an up-and-coming racer who has to recruit racing clubs from around the world to join you in a new league called World Series Racing. To convince them, you travel to gorgeous locations and race the locals on their own turf. Win, and they’ll join. With loads of real-life cars and a healthy variety of tracks, this game can keep Xbox Live Gold subscribers tearing up the streets throughout the month of May.

4. Peggle

Platform: Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Metacritic score: 89
Original price: $9.99
Available: May 1 – May 31

It may have already spawned a sequel, but the original Peggle holds up just fine, thank you very much. The game is kind of like the Pachinko challenge on The Price is Right. Each level presents you with a collection of blue and orange pegs scattered around the board. You shoot balls at the pegs, and each one they touch disappears. The goal is to eliminate all of the orange pegs before running out of balls, and while racking up as high as score as you can. Throw in some crazy power-ups and a few extra challenges for each stage, and you’ve got yourself a highly addictive game you won’t want to stop playing.

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