4 Games Free to Xbox Live Gold Members in March 2016

It looks like the rumors were true, and March’s lineup of free games to Xbox Live Gold subscribers did leak before the official unveiling. Oh well, no harm done.

As you may know by now, being an Xbox Live Gold subscriber means you get free games each month. The service costs around $60 per year, but the games you’ll get are worth far more than that, even if you’re only interested in playing a fraction of them.

Although Microsoft gives away two games each for Xbox One and Xbox 360, you can play all of the Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. Effectively, Xbox One owners get four free games each month instead of two.

It’s also worth noting that even if you don’t have an Xbox One yet, you can redeem your free games either on Xbox.com or your Xbox 360. Then if you buy an Xbox One in the future, you’ll be able to find those games in your account and download them for free.

Without further ado, here are the free Games With Gold for March 2016.

1. Lords of the Fallen

Platform: Xbox One
Metacritic score: 71
Original price: $40
Available: March 16 to April 15

Lords of the Fallen takes the same basic ideas as Dark Souls (tough monsters and real-time combat) but makes the experience much more approachable. Checkpoints are thoughtfully placed before major battles, and the experience system is more clearly laid out. The game is still no cakewalk, but the idea is that players won’t feel like they’re being punished for failing.

Even though the game is generous, it does encourage risky playing, thanks to multipliers that vanish when you bank your experience points. While the review scores for Lords of the Fallen weren’t through the roof, the game is perfect for players who were repelled by the extreme difficulty of Dark Souls but enjoy that kind of gameplay.

2. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

Platform: Xbox One
Metacritic score: 73
Original price: $30
Available: March 1 to 31

Although it’s not based on any of the recent Sherlock Holmes TV shows or movies, Crimes and Punishments borrows liberally from both while staying true to Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories. As the famous investigator, your job is, of course, to solve crimes, which means you’ll have to interrogate suspects, look for clues, and study evidence. It’s all tried-and-true stuff, and it works well in the six mysteries you’ll find here. Give this one a shot if you think you can outsmart London’s liars and murderers.

3. Borderlands

Platform: Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Metacritic score: 84
Original price: $20
Available: March 16 to 31

This game attempts so many things that it’s amazing how well it pulls them off. Not only is it an open-world shooter, but it also has a Diablo-like loot system that keeps you coming back in hopes of scoring bigger, better weapons and items. It’s also hilarious, crass, and vulgar. It would have been nice if Microsoft had given away a more recent installment in this series, but if you haven’t played Borderlands yet, it’s never too late.

4. Supreme Commander 2

Platform: Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Metacritic score: 75
Original price: $30
Available: March 1 to 15

It’s entirely possible Supreme Commander 2 slipped under your radar when it first launched in 2010. That’s a shame because it’s a totally decent real-time strategy game. The great thing about this sequel is that it took the rough edges and overly complex design of the original and smoothed and streamlined the whole experience, making it an excellent entry point for newcomers to the series (or even the genre). Give this game a shot if you think you can whip up a robot army that’s capable of dominating all comers.

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